“Chicago Fire” recap (1.21): “Keep the fighting clean and the sex dirty”


Previously on Chicago Fire Casey was engaged to a doctor who was unfamiliar with the concept of HIPAA or the amount of hours residents actual work.  But his biological clock was ticking like this and she was all, I allegedly work 80 hours a week and there’s no time in that schedule for a baby (there is time for delivering lunch to the fire house, quickies in the office, and a nice jog).  So due to that, and the stress of a dirty cop putting a hit out on Casey, they broke up but last we saw she had returned from South America or some other place residencies typically send their worker bees.  

Severide continued his reign as the town bicycle (everyone gets a ride) until he may or may not have sexually assaulted a paramedic in training (although we’re pretty sure he’ll come out smelling like roses because you know, bitches make stuff up). Mills learned the truth about cats and dogs and how his father died. To make up for his dad maybe being a cuckolded coward he’s going for gold and is going to make squad because that will make it all better. Meanwhile his girlfriend, the gorgeous and swoonworthy, Gabriela Dawson opened a bar, picked out china patterns…er… I mean a door with Casey, and told Shay she should do the nasty with Severide (pesky lesbianism, always getting in the way of a good straight lay).  

Clarice, hello Clarice, skipped town with her baby and left Shay with a shit ton of baby clothes, a crib, and more feelings than all the lesbians in the world when Bomb Girls got cancelled (don’t leave me, Betty). Instead of getting her rebound on with booze and hot ladies she decided that she should have a baby. Since sperm is really expensive, unlike kids who are totes free if you buy what the right wing is selling, she asked Severide to spread a few of his seeds her way. They did a Ross and Rachel will-they-won’t-they thing for a while and when we last left these morons they were on the baby making path.  

We begin with Severide and Mouch playing dress up at a hearing where Severide gets to hear the charges against him. Tara is alleging that he tried to kiss her and when she tried to leave he pushed her against a wall and groped her butt. Severide can’t believe what he’s hearing and tells the panel that what really happened was that he faked a yawn and told her she should get going because the smell of batshit crazy was killing his buzz.

Meanwhile, it appears Voight has been chained to that table in Shawshank where he chatted with Dawson for the last month or so and they are finally letting him out. The unsuspecting targets of his last hit are having breakfast at a diner, a diner on the corner, they ordered two coffees, one was for you. Hallie wants to know how Dawson is and Casey pretends like he wasn’t mooning over Dawson the whole time he was engaged to Hallie. He says Dawson is great, and dating young Peter Mills. Hallie says there’s no one special in her life because when you are busy not working much at the hospital and touring the southern hemisphere it’s hard to hold a beau. They talk about Curtis, the dead informant, and whether Voight was the one who had him killed. Voight has a hearing to dismiss his case and Casey says he knows he can’t get sucked back into it. Right, because saying it will definitely make it happen.

Oh look there’s Voight outside in the bright sunlight getting picked up by a black dude wearing a black leather jacket and a black hoodie, so you know, that’s clearly supposed to be his lawyer.

We’re hanging out in the common room of the firefighter dorm. Mills is doing his best Gunther Centralperk impression and is delivering a latte to Dawson complete with a fern drawn in the foam. Herrmann and Otis are bickering about the bar again like Jane and Maura. The Chief announces that they will all be undergoing sexual harassment sensitivity training and while Cruz does his best Hermione impression, Severide walks in the back door and start stripping. Herrmann, ever the prudent business man, announces that CFD will get happy hour prices all night when Molly’s opens. Otis rolls his eyes so hard at Herrmann’s outburst the only thing separating him from Jane Rizzoli is the missing ponytail of righteous justice.

Mills scampers off to find Severide and offers to do anything he wants to help him through this difficult time, like having some beers at a bar and maybe picking up a girl or two because that’s worked well up to this point. He even offers to “put on the gloves” and work out some of their intense homoerotic tension. More on that later. Hadley, the bitchiest member of Squad, gets jealous and tells Mills that if he wants to help he can shine Severide’s boots. Don’t fret, this isn’t the only bit of charming racism from Hadley this episode.

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