EXCLUSIVE: “The Fosters” bring in Noah St. John to play a character based on himself


The Fosters has added Noah St. John to its cast as Garret “the hipster-friendly son of two lesbian moms and longtime family friend of the Fosters.” Garret is loosely based on St. John himself, who is a slam poet who happens to have two moms.

St. John garnered national attention, at the tender age of 15, with his NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year. Check it out and try to think back on what you were up to when you were 15. I know I was not doing anything nearly this fantastic.

Even without more information about how Garret fits into the show, I love the idea of adding St. John to the show as well as adding a character who also is growing up in a two-mom family. St. John has grown up with two moms and may lend an air of authenticity as well as his talent to a cast that already looks pretty impressive.

This show has the potential to introduce much of the country to what a family looks like when the parents are both moms. By adding a second two-mom family, the show signals that not only do our families exist but we’re also not just islands within a community. Two-mom families are everywhere and children who grow up with two moms will probably have friends who also have two moms or two dads. I know my kids do.

What do you think about the addition of Garret and the news that there will be more than one two-mom family on the show?

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