Watch Now! Lana Parilla is on the loose in Disney World


Hide your kids! Hide your wife! The Evil Queen is loose in Disney World!

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of Regina plotting to rule the Magic Kingdom as she strolls through Fantasyland:


From what I can tell, they plan on airing a Once Upon A Time-themed ad for Fantasyland in Disney World on Sunday, the same day Part 1 of the season finale airs.

I love how positively adorable Lana Parrilla is in this clip, with all her smiling and giggling. It’s a real testament to her acting that such a bubbly personality can convincingly order guards to murder an entire village without batting a perfect eyelash.

I personally can’t wait to see the final clip of Regina flat-out rejecting Gaston.

What did you think of this clip? Also, who’s taking me to Fantasyland?

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