Morning Brew – Tues. March 19: Katee Sackhoff is bisexual in “Sexy Evil Genius,” Rachel Maddow on her first date with Susan


Good morning! And a thank you to Heather Hogan for doing the Brew while I was out.

Of course lesbians are part of a book about bad girls! Carol Dyhouse‘s Girl Trouble includes this tidbit:

….flappers were portrayed somewhat inconsistently as either man-hungry or boyish, vamps or lesbians. If they weren’t preying on young men, they might be preying on young women.

Maybe they were just all bisexual. Split the difference!

Out author Nicola Griffith has compiled a list of her favorite lesbian sci-fi books.

Zanele Muholi‘s series of South African lesbian portraits is finally coming to the U.S.! “Faces and Phases” will be on display at New York City’s Yancey Richardson Gallery now through April 6.

Lesbians, we are apparently dying younger! According to a new study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, gay women have a higher occurrence of suicide and being underserved by health care professionals, whether that’s out of our own lack of disclosure or the professionals’ bias. Be honest and up front with your docs and if feel they are not being that with you, find a new one!

After horrifying a San Francisco audience with her anti-gay statements this week, Michelle Shocked‘s Chicago date has been cancelled by the venue. I wonder if anyone would have shown up.

Out MC Angel Haze has settled her feud with bisexual Azealia Banks. Now I hope they record “The Girl is Mine” Brandy and Monica style.

Bisexual musician Vanessa Carlton has a really rad pad and it’s featured in Stylelikeu.

Random House has a great interview with Love and Rockets creator Jaime Hernandez and asks how he can draw women’s stories so well. An excerpt:

One other criticism I got early on was about my lesbian characters. It was basically, “That’s not how they do it.” And I was like, “How do YOU know?” That was the only other flack I got, in terms of creating my characters. Oh yeah, and someone thought my men were dullards, these weakly written background characters. And I once again just shrugged and said, “Well, you’re just not used to women being in charge.”

We FINALLY get to see a trailer for Sexy Evil Genius, starring Katee Sackhoff as, well, a sexy evil genius. Also bisexual, with Michelle Trachtenberg as an ex.

Rachel Maddow talks about her first date with Susan while on Real Time with Bill Maher this week.

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