Lesbians are fat, unhealthy and cancer-ridden – don’t bother trying to figure out why


It never ceases to amaze me how un-godly some self-identified Christians can be. Case in point, two articles I came across today about a recent study with some serious concerns about women’s health. In “Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat,” Elizabeth Harrington writes about The National Institutes of Health’s grant for $1.5 million “to study biological and social factors for why ‘three-quarters’ of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of ‘high public-health significance.'” While the article itself is quite straightforward as far as the information culled from the report, the use of quotations around phrases like “high public-health significance” makes it quite clear that this writer thinks this sort of research is worthy of mockery.

But the second article, “Bryan Fischer: lesbianism is bad for your health – here’s proof,” is a little less objective. In fact, this Bryan Fischer decides that being a lesbian is killing us because of all of the non-heterosexual sex we are having. Some choice quotes:

“Lesbians are more like to have risk factors for breast cancer,” says the GLMA. This is likely due to the fact that lifelong lesbians don’t get pregnant. We know that pregnancies carried to term provide marvelous biological protection against breast cancer, while abortions and delayed first pregnancies increase the risk.

So is Bryan Fischer advocating more of us get pregnant and have children in two-mom homes? He must be enjoying a lot of current television with lesbian characters.

It’s worth noting in passing that sexual preference among self-identified lesbians is notoriously fluid. One longitudinal study revealed that lesbians, on average, changed their sexual “orientation” no less than three times over a single decade.

This guy thinks sexual fluidity = choice of men or women. Clearly we should be skipping that whole lesbian phase and sticking with men so we don’t get breast cancer.

So lesbians may well have engaged in sex with men at some point, even for extended periods of time. It’s not unreasonable to think that they would likely have fewer moral reservations about abortion than others, and so abortions may actually be a factor in their increased susceptibility to breast cancer.

I know that once I realized I was a lesbian, I embraced the devil fully and started having sex with guys just to get abortions. Unfortunately, that lowered my breast cancer risk, but that’s where I decided to get really “fat” so that could increase my chances.

“It looks like this lesbian is causing all of her own problems! If only she’d stop having gay sex.”

Every sentence in this article is a condemnation of queer women, and women in general. The article ends with, “We don’t hate lesbians; we love them enough to tell them the truth. All this is meant to appeal to them, for their own sake, to forsake a dangerous, risky and potentially lethal lifestyle. Lesbians, as research clearly reveals, are capable of change, capable of redirecting their sexual energies in life-affirming directions. And Christ stands ready to help.”

It’s so maddening that people like these “Christian” can write hateful things about other human beings who are having physical and mental health issues that stem from societal pressures put on them by people just like Bryan Fischer. This research is just as important as any other that has to do with the well being of any affected minority. Besides the fact that straight people have all of these same issues! Cancer, obesity, alcoholism, depression — these are not specific to lesbians, but the trend is worthy of investigation, because who would God say deserves them? I have a feeling I know what this guy’s answer would be, but he’s already uneducated or simply in denial.

Mr. Fischer, thanks for your lack of concern but we’ll take our million dollar study and take positives away from it. Information is power; misinformation is hurtful and, in this case, hateful.

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