First Look at “The Fosters”


If you are at all like me you have been freaking out about the new ABC Family drama about a two mom family since last summer when we first heard that Jennifer Lopez was developing one. The roles have been cast, Teri Polo and Sherri Saum are our moms, and now we know when to plant ourselves on the couch to watch. As reported in yesterday’s Afternoon Delight, The first episode will air on Monday, June 3 at 9 p.m.

But that’s not all folks, we have our first peek at the show. Take a look.


The promo, and its very brief sightings of the moms, leads me to one of two conclusions. The first, this is going to be a show heavy on kid drama. This would be no great departure for ABC Family which specializes in shows that focus on teens and their difficulties (everything from regular old knocked-up teens, on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, to creepy-as-hell murder drama on Pretty Little Liars). The second, the show is going to have a lot more of the moms but they decided not to lead with the lesbian moms angle so as to hook in the people who are just here for the kid drama, which is, in some ways a bit more subversive. They’re not trying to be the big gay show, they just happen to be a show where the family looks like mine.

Personally, I love the idea of a show where the moms have a big role but they are not the one providing the drama. A show about teenagers is bound to be full of angst, hormones, tears, love, and dead girlfriends (sorry wrong show). I can’t wait to see what J.Lo and Company have cooked up for this show (hopefully more Teri Polo in uniform).

What did you think of the promo? What are you hoping to see on the show?