Morning Brew – Thurs. March 7: Santana in New York, Sara Gilbert returns to acting


Good morning!

Sara Gilbert will return to acting in the new Bad Teacher pilot for CBS. The comedy is based on the film starring Cameron Diaz but Ari Graynor will play the lead role (love her!!!) and Sara will play “Irene, a shy, introverted drama and English teacher who, when activated, can be a bit intense.” If the show is picked up, she’ll still host The Talk, too. Phew!

The Nigerian women’s soccer team has put a ban on lesbians from their team, but FIFA is not having it. The organization “has written to the Nigerian FA for clarification of reports that lesbians have been banned from the game in the west African country.” Just recently Dilichukwu Onyedinma, chair of the Nigeria Women Football League and a member of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) executive committee, announced they won’t allow gay women to play, saying:

Any player that we find is associated with it [lesbianism] will be disqualified. We will call the club chairmen to control their players and such players will not be able to play for the national team. It is happening but we have to talk to the clubs and look inside the clubs, and these things have to do with clubs.There are particular clubs that don’t even want to hear about it and once they heard it the players involved will be sacked.

Get a grip, woman! If the soccer player is the best one you have and she is less than straight you’re going to kick her off the team? Good luck on a winning season!

If you’re looking to meet other queer women of color, try OurSistaCircle. If you meet any Nigerian soccer players, tell them we love our gay players in the U.S.

Ali Adler attended the PaleyFest panel for The New Normal last night. Fierce!

Jackie Warner is on The Jeff Probst Show today. I really wish Work Out was still on. I loved that show.

Here’s a promo for the upcoming episode of The Good Wife, which has a touch of Kalinda, finally.

Does it make you happy to see Santana in New York with Rachel and Kurt? Then, voilà!

Callie and Arizona are back to work in an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Evan Rachel Wood‘s A Case of You will premiere at the Tribeca Film Fest.

On May 5, The Riot Grrrrl Collection will be turned into a book from the Feminist Press. It will feature zines, posters and other printed relics from the raddest of ’90s times, much of which is on view at The Fales Collection in New York City. Now you can own a piece of it.

Melissa Etheridge was almost the star of Up All Night. Can you imagine?

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jackie Warner on The Jeff Probst Show, Lily Tomlin on The View, Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller (Current 9 a.m.), *The New Adventures of Old Christine (Lifetime 11 a.m.), *Law & Order (TNT 1 p.m.), Wicked Attraction (ID 1 p.m.), House Hunters (HGTV 1:30 p.m.), Primary Colors (Showtime 1:30 p.m.), Jillian Michaels on The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (Lifetime 2 p.m.), *Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), Running with Scissors (Starz Cinema 2:05 p.m.), *Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Chiller 4 p.m.), *FriendZone (MTV 6:30 p.m.), Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN 7 p.m.), Under the Tuscan Sun (Encore 8 p.m.), *Inside Comedy (Showtime2 8:30 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Lily Tomlin on Joy Behar: Say Anything (Current 9 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9 p.m.), Glee (Fox 9:30 p.m.), Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell (Food Network 10 p.m.), Archer (FX 10 p.m.), *Love & Hip Hop marathon (VH1 10 p.m.), Pretty Persuasion (Starz Cinema 10 p.m.), That Sex Show (Logo 11 p.m.) and Worst Cooks in America (Food Network 11 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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