And the March Book Club Selection Is…


A Leslie Feinberg free-for-all!

So what happened is this: Stone Butch Blues received the most votes, with Drag King Dreams coming in at second. However, due to extremely poor timing on my part, Stone Butch Blues is currently out of print. (You can read this Tumblr post from Leslie Feinberg to find out more, including news of a free, online edition for its 20th anniversary becoming available on May Day this year. The post also confirms that Leslie Feinberg, even in ailing health, is most definitely still fighting the power.) I apologize immensely for this, but since it’s already done — and especially since I believe a lot of folks have already read it and could still contribute to an interesting discussion — I’m going to keep it, and encourage those of you who haven’t read it and would like to to check out your local library (my district has five copies!), or to search through your favorite used bookstore.

But for those of you who don’t have those options available, and/or who would still like to read something new, I’m going to include Drag King Dreams as an official selection this month, as well. So this month there will technically be two book choices, with discussions being available for both at the end of the month. Does this make sense? Sound fair? I’m taking an oath to not choose out of print books in the future!

You can purchase Drag King Dreams from Powell’s, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. (You can also purchase used copies of Stone Butch Blues from some of these places, if you’re willing to shell out $35+ bucks.)

And of course, if you’re not interested in reading either of these books, there will also be discussion spaces for The Collection and First Spring Grass Fire on our Goodreads group, as well. And as always, you can keep an eye out for our favorite quotes or other random book-y news on our Tumblr.

Happy Feinberg reading month!

Also, we’ll be posting our discussion of the February Book Club selection, Calling Dr. Laura by Nicole Georges on Monday, which will include input from the author herself!

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