Feminist Friday: Some People Fight Rape; Eric Cantor Fights for Rapists


This Week in Ladybits

Maureen Herman at BoingBoing reminds us that just because the election is over doesn’t mean that we can relax about our ladybits. In fact, if the anti-choice “super bill” that just passed the Michigan legislature is any indication, the people who want to take away your control over your own body are even more determined to ram through as much creepy legislation as possible. Keep an eye on those state and local elections — that’s where evil can really get a toehold.

Wisconsin has also been passing anti-choice legislation, including laws that make it harder to get a medicine-induced first-trimester abortion. Planned Parenthood is suing the state, pointing out among other things that the law is actually causing a rise in second-trimester abortions.

An idiot judge in California has been admonished for being another platehead who thinks ladybits have magical rape-prevention forcefields.

If you’re a guy reading this column, you’re probably well aware that this is your fight too. Sarah Silverman took some time to explain to other, less with-it gentlemen the importance of voting Bro-Choice.


This Week in Appalling Human Beings Who Should Be Getting Much More Angry Mail

This particular news item is so breathtakingly scumbaggy I don’t know what to do with it. As you know, Republicans had been balking at reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, which used to be an easy bipartisan no-brainer. Two of the problems this time around were provisions in the VAWA that would make it easier for immigrants and women in abusive same-sex relationships to get help. The GOP has relented on those, but there is one issue on which House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is standing firm: He wants to make sure that it stays easy for white men to get away with assaulting Native American women.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. That is what Cantor is protecting. One out of every three Native American women has been sexually assaulted — and 86% of those attacks are at the hands of non-Native men. Since the police can be hours away, only a tiny percentage of those attacks are prosecuted — and some are ignored entirely by authorities. Currently, Native courts don’t have jurisdiction over a white man that attacks a Native woman on tribal lands. The Democratic version of the VAWA would allow for speedy prosecutions in the Native American justice system so that white men would at least no longer be able to  attack Native American women with impunity.

And Eric Cantor is fighting that. That’s the line he’s drawing. He does not want white men who physically assault Native women to be inconvenienced with consequences. It’s always nice to hear about someone who got into public service to really help, isn’t it? And Eric Cantor decided to help rapists and batterers. I bet his mom is so proud.

Eric Cantor’s website says he is very interested in hearing your views on issues that are important to you. It also has handy contact information for his Washington office.

Washington, DC

303 Cannon Building

Washington, DC 20515

P: 202.225-2815

F: 202.225-0011

This Week in Not Helping

Ugh, so Suzanne Venker, the bold social thinker/Fox News website commentator/Person with (Surprise!) a book to sell was kind enough to alert us to the “War on Men” a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly enough, she caught some flack for that, mostly for speaking in broad, sexist generalizations, so now she has responded to her critics by using broad, sexist generalizations and (Double super extra surprise!) and claiming that to really understand her, we have to read her book.

Anyway, in her latest Fox essay “Let’s Call a Truce in the War on Men,” Venker explains that we just have to surrender to our femininity because women are “naturally” nurturers and men are “naturally” hunters and loners blah blah women love to shop and men won’t ask for directions blah blah  mostly the same reductive nonsense you see in all of these to justify why some people should give up on actually behaving how they want and trying to achieve things. Well, nobody ever went broke peddling old-fashioned platitudes about gender roles.

Also in the charming Fox Family? Dana Perino, who let us know that women who are victims of violence should have made “better choices.” So, true, Dana, so true. Will you be the one issuing the time machines?

This week turned up old cut footage from Return of the Jedi. Until the prequels came along, Jedi was my least favorite Star Wars movie, but I think I might have been able to look past all the damned puppets had these female Rebel pilots made it to the final cut.

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