’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012


Dear readers, for the last two years we’ve had a lot of fun putting together a comprehensive gift guide for the gay women in your life. Perhaps you’ve purchased something or it’s given you an idea for your own Christmas list. Whatever use you have for it, we like to get into the holiday spirit by kicking off Black Friday with the best of them. But what we really want to encourage now, more than ever, is for you to support lesbian and women-owned businesses. If you’re buying someone a book or stationary, try your local feminist book store instead of Barnes and Noble. Looking for some sexy underwear that you’ll enjoy as much as your partner will? Skip Victoria’s Secret and buy from Sloane & Tate. Want a hip scarf? Out Fashion Star designer Kara Laricks has one that is also benefitting Hurricane Sandy victims. There are so many that can provide you the same if not better products and service this holiday season, we hope you’ll be loyal patrons this year.

We won’t mind if you steal some of these items from our guide and buy them for the naughty or nice girls on your list.