Morning Brew – Tues. Nov. 13: Amber Heard supports Tasya Van Ree, gay women celebrated by “Glamour”


Good morning!

Very exciting news! The votes were finally all counted and Kyrsten Sinema is now officially Arizona’s bisexual congress member. And, yes, she will be able to make decisions.

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Glamour magazine honored out photographer Annie Leibovitz and J Crew executive Jenna Lyons at their annual awards gala. Also in attendance, Cynthia Nixon, who was a presenter.

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In New York, Amber Heard performed as part of 24 Hour Plays on Broadway.

Earlier that week, she showed support at Tasya Van Ree‘s exhibition, Replica.

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The Linster sent me this super sad and sweet link to this piece from The Seattle Times. Seattle Storm fan Karen Marie Rolstad passed away after a battle with cancer, and writer Jayda Evans eulogized her. An excerpt:

…I can’t stop crying when I think of Karen’s death. Our state passed Referendum 74 last week to legalize same-sex marriages. I’ve talked to other “fans” about how they plan to marry after 23, 30 years. I’ll make mine legal, too, in December. But I’m so sorry Karen and Jan can’t do the same.

Yes, my parents have been married for 43 years and are a beautiful example of love. But Karen and I joked that she was truly my fairy Godmother, helping me through the final stages of coming out. I knew it in my heart, yet Karen and Jan’s love for each other was an additional example that even lesbians can love, care and be together until death.

Rookie had Tegan and Sara answer some questions because they are grown women. For real. It’s a lot about being totally gay.

Girl 2 Girl wants to be your new favorite lesbian web series. Want to see all these women living in a Real World-esque house? Then you can donate, you voyeur.

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