Morning Brew – Wed. Sept. 19: Vintage Rachel Maddow, Pia Sundhage’s last US women’s game


Good morning!

Just in case you missed our Google Hangout with Whitney Mixter and Somer Bingham of The Real L Word yesterday, you can watch it all right here.

Bisexual actress Olivia Thirlby looked ravishing at the Dredd 3D premiere last night. I am loving her hair.

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Speaking of bisexual, Berkeley, California is celebrating Bisexual Day on September 23. Yay!

It’s Pia Sundhage‘s last game with the US Women’s Team today. ESPNW has a great piece on her leaving, with players like Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach praising her style. Pia talked about being a Gold-medal winning coach but still having a gender barrier in the game.

If I go into a locker room where it’s only women’s soccer, I have the status. If I go into a locker room with men, I don’t have the same status. I have to earn it. If I want to go for a challenge, I will probably, at the end of the day, stand in front of men. I don’t know if they are prepared for a woman to be a coach. I know I’m prepared. But for now, I’m perfectly fine to be around successful women.

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I agree, Pia. DON’T LEAVE!

Linda Perry‘s band Deep Dark Robot has a new video out for “8 Songs About a Girl.” I’m pretty sure it’s only one song though.

Fran Lebowitz talked about her sexuality (kind of) with Time Out Chicago.

I never hid my life, you know. There was never any fake boyfriends around, which many people my age did. You have to understand: The difference in generations with homosexuality—there’s no bigger difference. There was an unbelievably critical article [in Newsweek] about Sally Ride not having come out as a lesbian. To me that is outrageous! It was out of the question that that was acceptable—in the most profound way that someone young cannot imagine. By the way, it was illegal! Which everyone forgets. You know when people talk about raiding gay bars in the ’70s? Yeah, those were cops! That wasn’t some football player in high school. Those were cops that took you to jail!

So don’t expect her to be writing any essays about lesbianism any time soon, although I’d be elated to hear her thoughts.

Sia is working with Christina Aguilera again! If you haven’t noticed, Sia’s voice is all over some collaborations on the radio currently and I still can’t get enough of her.

The Daily Beast went bowling with Kreayshawn and took the chance to ask her about her sexuality and where LGBT people fit into hip-hop.

By the way, “Gucci Gucci” is a really fun song to sing at karaoke, in case you are wondering.

A retrospective of photographer Del LaGrace Volcano‘s work is on view at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York and it includes this 1998 photo of Rachel Maddow called “Rachel Maddow At Home In My Studio.”

I want to go to there.

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