Two ravishing Rachels are better than one


Rachel McAdams has been tapped for the title role in The Time Traveler’s Wife, the film adaptation of the bestselling novel by Audrey Niffenegger.

McAdams plays a young heiress who struggles with her man’s strange genetic disorder: When he gets stressed out, he slips into a different time. Wow. Some coping mechanism. (Eric Bana plays the time traveler, who is also a librarian. I have a feeling the American Library Association is going to celebrate this one.)

I think McAdams’ career could be a very long one. I’m currently making my way through the first season of Slings and Arrows, and she steals every scene she’s in. (Slings and Arrows, by the way, is totally worth Netflixing if you have any interest in theater, Canada, or just really, really good TV.) McAdams was also the only good part of The Family Stone. If the only thing you’ve seen her in is Mean Girls, don’t assume she’s anything like Regina!

Meanwhile, another of my fave Rachels, Rachel Griffiths, has the "Spotlight" in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. She proves to be as smart, complicated and funny as she seems, offering up quotes like these:

“In Australia, we’re not that far from ‘Honey, can you help me pull the sheep out of the dam?’ We’re not really far from being settlers.”

I wish I could bring myself to like Brothers and Sisters more, because I do adore Griffiths. Adore, admire, lust after. And I’ll admit that the most recent episode of B&S was pretty good, though I think they totally made up that CGN ("Common Gay Name") thing. Or am I just out of the loop (again)?

On a related note, it seems the new executive editor of EW, Lori Majewski, used the Griffiths interview to lob an attack against her former employer, Us magazine. Griffiths rails against magazines that classify all women as either "madonnas or whores." Well, she does have a point, but I sorta doubt feminism was Majewski’s motivation.

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