The Huddle: Our Favorite Bisexual Women


We’ve been talking a lot about bisexuality lately so what better time to celebrate the bi women we love? We kept it open to both fictional and real life women who come in somewhere around the middle of the Kinsey scale. These women are great representations of people who own their sexuality in television, film or in the public eye.

So, group, who is your favorite bi babe?

Heather Hogan: It took me 18 tries to get through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because the first 100 pages reads like the middle of The Financial Times, if the The Financial Times included a parenthetical annotation every time the reporter bought a Billie’s Pan Pizza from the 7-11. But when I finally powered past those first hundred pages, I never looked back. I went straight to The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Not because I love a good thriller, but because I was in love with Lisbeth Salander. Has there ever been a more organic, complicated bisexual character committed to the page? She’s like the goddamn Batman: wicked smart, compelled to squash injustice because of the injustice done to her, and always bamboozled when her heart short-circuits her brain She sleeps with whomever she wants because it’s what she wants. She lives by a personal moral code that includes helping those who helped her and dealing out fiery retribution for those who hurt her. I would have read a dozen books about Lisbeth. Instead I’ll just keep rereading the three Stieg Larsson left behind.

The Linster: I know Brittany S. Pierce does not seem like the smartest squirrel in the tree most of the time, but she’s pretty damn sharp when it comes to sexuality. She just loves who she loves, male or female, and doesn’t give a flying flip what anybody else thinks. Granted, I’ll never understand the Artie thing, but that’s because he’s kind of a jerk, not because he’s a guy.

Lucy Hallowell: Rachel from Imagine Me & You is my pick. Rachel is a woman who fell for a man and then fell harder for a woman. The real conflict in the movie is less about her falling for a woman, though that is a big wrinkle in the story, than that she is already married to a man she truly cares about. She’s not flighty, promiscuous, or confused. She’s a woman who loved a man and then loved a woman. It’s really as simple as that.

Emily Donofrio: Alice on The L Word, no question. There was never a doubt in my mind that she truly felt no sway toward one gender or another. I mean, she dated a lesbian identified man for christ’s sake. She was a total class act except for that whole shrine of Dana thing that she had up for a hot minute.

Dara Nai: This one’s easy: Thirteen from House. And by “positive portrayal,” I mean HOT.

Trish Bendix: Kalinda Sharma is my fictional fave, but I have to give props to Anna Paquin. She’s in a relationship with a man, but she still felt like she wanted to come out and discuss her less-than-straight sexuality for the We Give a Damn campaign. She’s not shy about talking about being bi, and even her husband speaks supportively of it. Her bisexuality is not erased because of her relationship, just like it wouldn’t be if she were married to a woman.

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Ali Davis: I know that bi girls tend to feel the need to get away from the whole “bed-hopping succubus” image, but I do think Lost Girl handles the way Bo falls in love well. She falls in love with — and gets heartsick over, and takes risks for — people of whatever gender, and doesn’t do much fretting over what those genders might be. I’d go all cliché and say “It’s the person, not the package,” but so far Bo’s been dealing with some pretty nice packaging.

So, yeah, everyone involved is inhumanly hot, but overall I think the show (and Anna Silk) handle Bo’s matter-of-fact interest in anyone pretty well.

Your turn! What bisexual female is your fave?

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