The Huddle: The Dream of the ’90s


A story on this week reported lesbians are so in fashion this fall, harkening back to a time when lesbian chic was all the rage. You know the decade — the 1990s. And it’s not just lesbianism that’s returning: It’s the grunge-inspired style, the dance-pop and the neon. Soon we’ll be sporting our slap bracelets again and birthing a neo-pet.

While we might not go that far, there are some things we can see bringing back into our lives — and some that never went away. Team, what piece of the ’90s are you into embracing all over again?

Emily Hartl: I am more than OK with corduroys that I definitely remember from the mid ’90s, but I could really leave all color-blocked, shapeless dresses behind. They didn’t do anything for anyone then and they certainly aren’t doing anything awesome now.

Lucy Hallowell: I would consider rocking a tie again. In middle school the sports teams dressed up on game days. Upon making the soccer team I announced that there was no way I was going to wear a skirt to school. I started wearing a dress shirt and tie, like the boys team. By the end of the soccer season everyone knew when we had a game because there were twenty girls wandering the hallways in button downs and their dads’ ties. You can imagine everyone’s shock when they found out I was a lesbian.

Mia Jones: Excuse me &mdsah; lesbian chic from the ’90s? Please say it ain’t so. The ’90s weren’t good to lesbians — or maybe I should say lesbians weren’t very good to the ’90s and I was a big offender myself. So, while I probably won’t be bringing sexy back with any of my fashion choices, I can most certainly say I will be bringing it back by giving peace a chance.

Dara Nai: After all the drugs I did, clubs I got drunk in, and nights I spent in random apartments, I can not remember the ’90s. #luckytobealive

The Linster: The only thing I really miss about the ’90s is seeing Buffy episodes for the first time. Give me a Buffy and I will embrace the socks off of it (among other items of clothing).

Erika Star: Seeing that I live in the lesbian mecca where the dream of the ’90s is alive, it makes it hard to notice new lez related ’90s trends. Except, of course, when k.d. Lang moved to Portland last year. Hashtag, fitting.

So aside from my raging George Michael habit and love of floral prints, I’d most like to re-embrace all things k.d. Ever since she moved to my fair city I haven’t been able to stop creeping her sweepy-lesbro-bangs-menswear-chic days of yore. I mean, do yourself the favor and image search Ingenue or Drag. Or better yet, if you’re like me, make “Constant Craving” your next go to karaoke jam.

Ali Davis: Wait, was I supposed to have stopped embracing Jill Sobule? OK, I’ll start again. Let’s all harken back to a time when the words “I Kissed a Girl” weren’t massively irritating. Wait, does this mean overalls are coming back? Awesome.

Grace Chu: The economy, stupid.

Trish Bendix: I’m ready to break out the cassingles and dance to La Bouche, Real McCoy and Gillette. Now who wants to come over and choreograph a dance in my basement?

What ’90s trend are you willing to embrace in 2012?

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