And the first Book Club selection is…


Over 950 votes were tallied for our first official book club selection, the winner of which many of you might have guessed: Sarah WatersTipping the Velvet.

Some of you may be pumped for a re-read, some of you may pass until next month. Some of you might be like me, and be one of the few lesbians who hasn’t read it yet who’s looking forward to experiencing it for the first time!

You can purchase Tipping the Velvet for your Kindle or a hard copy from Amazon, Powells, or Barnes and Noble, where you can also purchase an edition for your Nook. It appears as though Amazon actually only has used copies, while Powells and Barnes and Noble do have some new paperbacks available, but only a few. So hurry while you can! Or you can go for my favorite options: Find it at your favorite local bookstore, or the best option because it’s free, your local library! If you have any trouble procuring a copy, contact me and I’ll do my best to help you out.

All of the feedback and book suggestions rolling in so far for the club has been fantastic. I haven’t been able to reply to all of you individually, but thank you, thank you!

So now to get the good times rolling, I’ll remind you that we have an AfterEllen Book Club Tumblr and now also an AfterEllen Book Club Group on Goodreads. Both of these are open to you submitting ideas, quotes, thoughts, and discussion topics. Many of you mentioned wanting to read Six Metres of Pavement and Wild even if they didn’t win this month. I say to that notion, “Yes, please do!” And then open up a discussion board on the Goodreads Group about it! The more books the merrier; these are all avenues for you to be involved and discuss away.

I’ll post the official final discussion post here on the last week of September, when we will then also discuss the selections for October. I’ll try to have the post ready by that Monday, September 24, so that it can be open all week for discussion before we move on to October’s read.

So for now, find yourself a copy, or take your old copy off your shelf, and enjoy slipping back in queer British time for a while. I’ll see you there.