Tina Fey does Kid ‘N Play


Today is Thursday. Or, as I like to call it, Tinaday. Or Feyday. Or Thurtyrockday.

If you didn’t see 30 Rock last week, you missed Tina Fey‘s hilarious “I’m too sexy for my humidifier” dance:

I’ve watched that about eight times now and still can’t get enough. “It’s so dry in here.”

You might also enjoy the “Ask Tina” vlog on the NBC site. In the most recent installment, Tina reveals that the Internet will not fill that “God-shaped hole” in your life. Too true, too true.

Finally, if you missed the recent Entertainment Weekly article called “One Fine Fey,” you can read it on the EW site. It’s awesome.

After that, you’ll just have to join me in waiting (im)patiently for tonight’s episode.

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