More proof that the Barbarella remake is a bad idea


I really, really hope this is just a rumor. A British gossip column is claiming that Kate Beckinsale has landed the lead role in the Barbarella remake I rambled about last week.

Kate Beckinsale?! No no no no no no no. She’s wooden and boring, and doesn’t appear to have any kind of camp sensibility. Jane Fonda made that role work because she knew how to be earnest-faced most of the time and then winkingly self-aware at just the right moments. Beckinsale can do earnest-faced, all right, but that’s because she has to put so much effort into conveying the most basic of emotions.

I suspect I’m in the minority here: I know Kate has her fans. But if Beckinsale plays Barbarella, I won’t see the remake in the theater, and might have to skip it altogether. I’m still recovering from the giant yawn that was Underworld.