Kiki Archer Ripping Apart Cosmo’s Lesbian Sex Positions is the Best Thing on the Internet


Kiki Archer is back with a second video (check out the first one here) in which she hilariously critiques Cosmopolitan’s “Best Lesbian Sex Positions to Blow Your Mind.”

If that title doesn’t warn you that something might not be quite right, well, yes. I mean, for one thing, lesbian sex is innately mind-blowing, no special positions required, especially if you have great chemistry. But Cosmo being Cosmo wanted to get lesbians involved in some major acrobatics, because why wouldn’t we want to do some shoulder stands in bed? Straight people do shoulder stands in bed, right? Right??? And yes, as you might expect, the women are both femme and VERY flexible, which you’d have to be to pull off these moves. Actually, I’m pretty sure they confused a workout article with “lesbian sex” and surely there has been some mistake.

Ok. We are all starting to think Cosmopolitan doesn’t know any actual lesbians.

Now, if you are an actual lesbian, then you will probably get a little annoyed at Cosmo’s lack of lesbian sexpertise.

But don’t get mad, get Kiki! She’s taking care of this.

I’m thinking it’s about time AfterEllen made our own “Best Lesbian Sex Positions” guide. What do you think?

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