Best Gifts To Give Your Girl Based on Her Star Sign


Gift gifting can be a daunting task. You want to get it just right, making sure she feels your love and can tell that you know her best. If she’s good at dropping hints, you are a lucky woman. But if she isn’t or if you want to surprise the girl who can be next to impossible to surprise, using her sign as a guide can be a huge help. 

This list will inspire you and help you to land on the perfect gift for the girl who has given you the biggest gift of all – her love.

Your Aries girl (March 21 – April 19) is fiery and strong-willed.

She is exacting in everything she does and has super high expectations of both herself, others, and the situations she finds herself in. She’s an ambitious and passionate risk-taker who can be impatient but who is also hopelessly devoted. And her sexual appetite is nothing short of intense.

Organizers, planners, gadgets to help her do perfectly the things she loves, and time with an expert who can up her game in whatever makes her tick – from gardening to woodworking to cooking – would all be great ideas for Aries.

Your Taurus babe (April 20 -May 20) is an earthy girl who is both mentally and physically strong.

She can be stubborn and materialistic. But she is also deeply appreciative of all things beautiful. She keeps her feelings buried down deep and can appear selfish at times. But she is truly generous when it comes to money and possessions.

A painting, a sculpture, a tiny Zen garden, a meditation area inside or out, or an extravagant handbag or piece of jewelry would all be true to the Taurus heart.

Your Gemini jewel (May 21 – June 20) is as airy as they come.

She is versatile and quick-witted and loves to chat and share knowledge. She is highly social, which means she can also bore quickly. She relies on mental analysis more than her gut feelings.

A great read with a night to discuss with friends; a journal and a set of colorful pens to write and draw her thoughts into reality or an invite to a club that will allow her to express her feelings and opinions on something that she’s passionate about whether it be crafting, flying, or reading.

Your Cancer gal (June 21 – July 22) is a water sign through and through.

She has a deep love for home and highly values family and friends. She loves exploring family trees and must have a stable home life in order to feel safe and comfortable. She has a tough time hiding her emotions and she leads with her gut and her instincts.

A cozy throw, a bevy of baby succulents, a super plush pillow, or a great vessel that can hold a gorg bouquet or even stand alone would all make great gifts for the Cancer in your life.

Your Leo lovely (July 23 – August 22) just might be the most fiery of them all.

She’s bold, courageous, and daring, and she lives for the spotlight. Drama is her tool of choice for getting what she wants. She has killer judgment, and is as generous as she is loving. She’s athletic and a strong leader who knows how to exert her will. Above all else, she knows who she is.

Gear for the sport – or sports – she loves; a free pass to jump, rappel, or climb; or a bold accessory like a statement necklace or a chandelier earring would all be loved by a Leo.

Your Virgo girl (August 23 – September 22) is an earthy babe who is always on the prowl for perfection.

She is successful and skilled. She is analytical and focused with a keen eye for detail. She is a steady worker, but tends to be overly critical. She has high expectations of herself and especially of others. 

An adult coloring book with lots of teeny detail to dive into or an in-depth read like a classic biography or a complicated mystery would all be treasured treated for your Virgo.

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Your Libra love (September 23 – October 22) is an airy gal on the search for balance.

Devoted to justice and equality, she is more mental than physical and voices her opinions only when provoked or passionate about a cause. She surrounds herself with beauty and art because sensuality is the hallmark of everything she is and does. Her soul fed by music and she possesses excellent social skills. 

A painting or sculpture or a donation to a charity close to her heart would all be loving Libra gifts.

Your Scorpio sweetheart October 23 – November 21 is a water sign who feels things deeply.

She enjoys big and bold lifestyle. An entrepreneurial girl, she is able to overcome massive obstacles and always assesses situations before jumping in.  She enjoys a heated debate and is both passionate and possessive as a lover. Sometimes she can be misunderstood as her words and actions can sting.

A candle with an exotic smell, some sexy lingerie, or a day out at the ropes course would all be great Scorpio surprises.

Your Sagittarius sweetie (November 22 – December 21) is a deeply passionate and fiery girl.

She is a philosopher with a sharp intellect. As high energy as she is, she needs to roam and to reinvent herself. But she always returns home and to her true center. 

A collection of tiny succulents or a trio of vessels for fresh flowers or a book that will challenge her brain would all be a great fit.

Your Capricorn cutie (December 22 – January 19) is an earthy girl who is devoted to having a happy home.

She is a problem solver, an organizer, and a planner. It can be tough to get her to share or open up but she makes an excellent lifelong friend or companion. 

Clever home organizers that are as useful as they are cool to look at, gardening tools, or puzzles of any kind would all likely bring a smile to your girl’s face.

Your Aquarius love (January 20 – February 18) is a bohemian air sign.

She is unconventional and humanitarian with an eclectic group of friends. She makes friends easily and loves to socialize.

Gift her with games she can play with friends or a coloring book designed for the adult colorer or beautiful stationary to send out love letters, invites, or thank yous for past social gatherings.

Your Pisces peach (February 19 – March 20) is a water sign who is truly an old soul.

She is unassuming, deeply emotional, selfless, and content to be behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. She possesses an illusion of naivety and is a devoted lover and friend.

A piece of jewelry made from vintage materials would be a great fit for a femme Pisces girl. And antique of another kind would be great for your butch Pisces, perhaps a vintage tool or something with a nautical bent as she is a watery mix.

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