Queer Queens of Qomedy is Lesbian Comedy at Its Finest


This Fall, some seriously funny lesbians are taking it on the road. Comedienne Poppy Champlin is bringing her Queer Queens of Qomedy (Q3) Show to  San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The tour features different comediennes, depending on the tour stop, with shows featuring Starring Sandra Valls, Poppy Champlin, Vickie Shaw, and Crist Guzman and has been traveling the country for twelve years now.

Sandra Valls hails from Laredo, Texas. So she says she is thrilled to be performing in the Lone Star State. She was voted one of the top ten “funniest and badass comics to watch out for” by both Latina and Curve Magazines. She can be found on two Showtime specials, as well as on Comics Unleashed and BET’s Comic View.  

“With so much negativity in the world, we all need a good laugh! And, well, we guarantee it! The QQQ showcases a variety of lesbian identities, perspectives, and humor, plus there is music in it too. And did I mention we’re funny? I promise, you’ll come away feeling super charged up and happy after you watch us,” says Sandra Valls.

Poppy Champlin is both the creator and host of Q3. You may have seen her on Showtime, LOGO, VH-1, Comedy Central, or Oprah. She also holds the title of America’s Funniest Real Woman on The Joan Rivers Show.

Champlin says that Q3 “is about having three high-quality lesbian comedians performing for a mostly all lesbian audience.” In today’s climate, this is more important than ever, Champlin says, adding, “We still need to congregate and see one another and uplift one another up. We need to acknowledge, applaud, and endorse one another.”

People should come to see the show to help keep us going through the challenging times we are now facing, Champlin says. The goal is to bring laughter to lesbian communities across the country. “Not enough is done for lesbians. We still do not get the credit we deserve. We have to actually take the credit we deserve. It is still not freely given.”  

Vickie Shaw is a true Texas girl. She was once part of Comedy Central’s flagship show Premium Blend; has a one-hour comedy special on LOGO called “You Can Take The Girl Out of Texas!;” and she performs in Provincetown at Women’s Week yearly, as well as at Prides, Festivals, Clubs, and on Olivia Cruises all year long.

Perhaps, now more than ever, comedy is vital, Shaw says. “I think because our world is so f***ed up right now, and our hard-fought-for rights are in jeopardy, we need to laugh to keep from killing ourselves. There is such a depression over our country. Believe me, I started taking antidepressants, which I love by the way. Laughter helps almost as much as good pharmaceuticals. And it’s cheaper.”

Laughter is human, Shaw says, and it has profound healing effects both mentally and physically. “Endorphins are released and you didn’t even have to take crack cocaine. I also believe every time you laugh a cancer cell is killed, so again, why wouldn’t you want to kill a cancer cell?”

Crist Guzman, of Dallas, Texas, attended the American Broadcasting School. She both developed and operated her own radio show for Power 108, “This & That,” following a stint working behind the scenes at the station. Finally deciding it was time to take to the stage in 2015, she began performing in Dallas at Hyenas, Hat Tricks, and Dallas Comedy House. 

It will be an evening of irreverent hilarity for sure. The perfect night for your girl gang to forget about the BS and have a good time, lesbian style. “This is one show not to miss,” Shaw says, because it’s “a great group of lesbian comedians that not only make you laugh but also are ambassadors to society, not only to our community, but to everyone.”  

For ticket information, visit their website

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