5 Signs You’re an Old-Fashioned, Swoon-worthy Butch



Are you a masculine-leaning woman? Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Are all the apps and the new labels and the lack of basic manners in today’s world off-putting to you? Do you prefer handwritten notes to texts? (ok this one was not on our top 5 list but maybe it should be) Do you actually enjoy drinking an old-fashioned? (ok this one isn’t on the list either, but it’s a great butch drink we gotta admit)

Well, these and other traits may just mean you weren’t meant for this crazy millennial newspeak world.

But don’t worry, because you have an advantage. Many lesbians absolutely adore you and see you as a dying breed. And if you’re over 40? All the better. You probably exude the following 5 traits that make you a highly sought-after old-fashioned swoon-worthy HOT butch. Watch the video and let us know if this is you in the comments (butch-loving femmes, take notice).

Did you get all five?

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