“That’s My DJ” gets queerer in Season 2


AE: How important is Toronto to the series? Geography wise, it’s very obvious it’s located here. But how about the feel of the series and what’s actually plausible? For instance, being from here I know that tons of queer girls party in places you mention and show, which aren’t actually in the city’s gay Village.

DW: Toronto has really moved away from the Village, I find. It’s more about social groups. It’s more about who you know rather than about where you’re going. Toronto is like a multicultural melting pot. You see people of every different race, of every different sexuality. Especially now. Being young and going out to bars and being in the electronic music scene, it’s not just like straight white people. So I wanted to reflect that in my casting and my story. I definitely think Toronto is like that extra character in the show.

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AE: So what more can you tell us about season 3?

DW: It’s definitely a little darker. We kind of play around with the idea of consequences of partying. Season 3 is the struggle between staying at home and pursuing your career and pursuing your passion, but also going out and networking and partying and meeting people and also trying to make things happen.

EP: Season 3 is chaos so that’s something you can expect.


AE: Is there going to be a fourth season?

DW: As of right now, I’m really happy for That’s My DJ to be a trilogy. I have another series that I’m currently working on that I’m very excited about and two features, as well as doing a slew of music videos.

EP: And being hey! dw.

DW: Yeah, and being hey! dw.


AE: Your future projects, do they include content with more LGBT themes?

DW: Oh definitely. It’s a part of our world. It’s a part of my world. It’ll always be woven into all of the stories I tell because it’s part of life. It’s a part of my life.


AE: And Emily, you’re open?

EP: I’m open. I’m obviously open.


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