“That’s My DJ” gets queerer in Season 2


AE: Being a DJ in this underworld, though, it just seems so anti what she should be about to care that much about what society thinks, especially in a city like Toronto.

EP: Sometimes we overcompensate.


AE: D.W., is there a bit of that?

DW: Oh totally. And yeah, she’s like a shit disturber and she’s definitely egging Meagan on in, almost in a fun like “I want to play with this but it won’t be anything serious.” And then she gets a little too close and realizes that, “Oh wow, there’s way more potential here than I thought.”


AE: Are Meagan and Hannah over for good?

DW: Yeah. I really thought that they were going to come back together. I really did. And maybe I’m really talking about my life right now. The chemistry was there, but they missed their moment.

EX Emily Photo by Kat Webber


AE: Is Meagan going to keep pursuing women in Season 3?

DW: Yeah. We kind of dive deeper in with Meagan for Season 3 in regards to the mourning process. What that does to somebody. Especially when it’s women because you can emotionally connect so deep, so fast.

EP: Season 3 she’s definitely in a darker spot.


AE: So being that season 3 is going to focus on her best friend Sam, how much of Meagan do we see?

DW: She’s there. We do dive into Sam’s world, but she’s there kind of every step of the way. He goes through his own thing and she steps up as a friend and is there for him, kind of like the vice versa to season 2. She definitely plays a big role.


AE: Are they still doing Home Brew together?

DW: Yup. We see Home Brew become more successful, which is kind of reflective of the actual Home Brew we’re sitting outside of at the moment. In the past two years we’ve gone from 25 people on the dance floor to about 300. We see that evolution in the storyline as well.


AE: Any appearances from Hannah?

DW: I tried, but our actress Dayle McLeod was in LA at the time and just couldn’t make it work. There are moments where Meagan is on the phone and she is talking to Hannah. You see the push and pull relationship of that continue. Hannah is a presence.


AE: So besides the rave scene, which of course is crucial to the show, how important is music to the overall tone you’re trying to create?

DW: Crazy important. I’ve always said the relationship between music and film is one of the most beautiful love affairs the world will ever see. Being a musician myself, I’ve really been inspired by British shows like Skins where you see the character going through a moment and it might just be a montage, it might just be them sitting on a bed like looking at a piece of paper… You know exactly what I’m referencing.


AE: I’m a Skins fan.

DW: The music supervisors pick amazing music that really underline the emotional subtext of the scene of what the character is going through. I really wanted to be conscious of that, choosing all of the songs for That’s My DJ, making sure that they’re on point to what Meagan is feeling in the moment. Music was a huge part and just collaborating with all of these amazing musicians and producers in Toronto.


AE: Your background directing music videos shines through.

DW: It’s been interesting with That’s My DJ coming out and getting feedback from my peers. They’re just like, “You have a style. You have a visual style. You can tell it’s a D.W. Waterson shot.” So that’s kind of cool to be learning this about myself.