“That’s My DJ” gets queerer in Season 2



AE: Emily, was there a conversation to prepare you for how things would be different for Meagan in Season 2?

EP: There was no explicit conversation. There was no need to prepare me for that evolution. Both D.W. and I were on the same page. We knew innately that this was where Meagan was going. That was understood by the end of Season 1 for me as well. So when D.W. told me who the love interest of Season 2 would be and just wove it into the storyline, that made a lot of sense for me and I was just excited to play that relationship and the challenges of that relationship, not necessarily being a gay relationship but just being an unrequited relationship in a way.

EX Emily and DW Photo by Kat Webber

AE: D.W., how much of yourself do you see in Meagan?

DW: Like 100 percent. I know the script and everything that happens in Season 2 I’ve literally lived twice, heartbreakingly. But it was definitely a process for Emily and I to collaborate and kind of pull myself away from it hitting so close to home for me and then letting her take the character and giving her different legs. It’s interesting. Even just doing interviews and talking to fans and being on Twitter and interacting with everybody, everybody’s commenting on the relationship, which is still very bizarre to me because they’re like commenting on my life. Like they’re commenting on a situation I went through last summer and the summer before.


AE: So when Meagan’s roommate says, “Stop falling for straight girls…”

DW: It’s all of my friends. They’re screaming this at me. But it’s like, man, you can’t help who you love. It just happens. It’s a learning experience within all of it and, trust me, after doing That’s My DJ, it was my therapy. I’ve learned.


AE: So a question for both of you: what do you think Meagan and Hannah see in the other that attracts them?

EP: I think that they both recognize these free spirits that they are. They’re like these magnets and they see themselves in each other and they just want to combine. For however long it lasts. Unfortunately it’s just like a week.

DW: They’re both shit disturbers.

EP: They’re both so “fuck the police” people. I think that they just see each other kind of like do this silent wink and nod and want to jump off a cliff together. But then halfway down, one of them pulls back. And then the other one’s freefalling by herself.

DW: When Meagan meets Hannah, I think it’s mutual for both of them. It’s that lightning bolt moment. And they are two magnets and they’re trying to pull themselves away, but they keep gravitating towards each other. It’s that kind of recognition of “We’re attached to the same soul” or “We know each other from another life.” There’s a consciousness that they already know each other, that there’s so much energy there, it’s really hard not to like lean in and want to explore that. That’s kind of what we explore in Season 2–that push-pull until they finally just can’t keep away anymore.

still meagan and hannah

AE: Hannah–is she really just another straight girl that Meagan’s fallen for, or is there more to her?

DW: There’s definitely more to Hannah. Hannah’s not straight. She’s not. She’s scared. I think she feels a lot of things and she feels them very intensely, but I think fear plays a really large factor in her choices. It’s easier for her to lean back and have other people’s choices affect her life rather than her kind of put herself out there and make these big decisions. It freaks the crap out of her the fact that she’s just able to meet this other person and it just works and it’s so big and it’s so easy and then when they finally do connect in episode 7, it’s beautiful. And it’s easy. And then she wakes up and she ends up getting a text message from [her ex-boyfriend] and that kind of pulls her to the reality of the situation, which is [he] is safe, society understands what that relationship looks like, she knows what to do in that relationship. Whether or not she’s happy doesn’t matter. She has a choice. Does she continue moving forward with the way she feels and go against what her friends and her family might think? It’s a big shift to move from a straight relationship to a gay relationship. Does she just play it safe? She ultimately chooses to go back because she’s just not ready.

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