“That’s My DJ” gets queerer in Season 2


That’s My DJ is a Canadian web series described as an “unapologetic look inside the new order of rave” with a Season 2 that focuses on a “sexually charged narrative between two women in Toronto’s music scene.” It’s even cooler than it sounds.


In Season 2, Meagan (Emily Piggford), who had a smaller role in Season 1, is front and center. While she was no stranger to lady love before, this season she falls hard for Hannah (Dayle McLeod), a DJ with a boyfriend. But the kind of chemistry these two have just can’t be denied.

Their story is inspired by out creator-director D.W. Waterson’s own experiences. Known as hey! dw in the music world, D.W. brings her queer sensibilities, love for Toronto and her passion for music to the series.

Having already wrapped shooting season 3, I met up with D.W. and Emily before hey! dw had to get in character and hit the stage at Home Brew, the real life party that inspired its namesake on the show. We talked about Meagan and Hannah’s relationship, where Meagan stands on labels, what’s ahead for Season 3 and more.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

AfterEllen.com: D.W., why did you want to create the series?

D.W. Waterson: I started out DJing in Toronto and kind of just getting to know the scene and meeting different bartenders and managers and people who go out and dance all the time. There’s all these characters that aren’t in television, aren’t in film. It’s such a unique place because it’s kind of like when all the lights go down and the lasers turn on, that’s where the playground happens. I have this kind of theory that the later in the night it goes the more drama happens, which is obviously television and film worthy. People say nothing good happens after 2am and I’m like, “Oh my script’s just getting started at 2am.”


AE: Emily, what attracted and continues to attract you to the role of Meagan?

Emily Piggford: I love how unfettered Meagan is and I was so attracted to that. To get to play somebody that does not restrict herself and enjoys life so much–because I too enjoy life to the fullest but I am an introvert. I can really seclude myself sometimes and that’s one of the many reasons why I love acting, because it gives me permission to tap into these other aspects of myself that exist but are not often visited.

I just knew that this would be such a fun project to work on and rewarding in so many ways because of how amazing D.W. is and how fun and promising the script was and the project was. I love Meagan’s realness. And working with D.W., she invites me to be more free as well.

EX DW 1 Photo by Kat Webberphotos by Kat Webber

AE: So you’re not “here past 2am” girl?

EP: No, I don’t go out much. So that was fun. Working on this series, D.W. was like, “Okay, I’m gonna start immersing you in this world.” It was like this playground for me. She’d take us out to DJ shows and stuff like that.


AE: D.W., I’ve read that you said in season 1 Meagan was experimenting with her sexuality but by season 2 she had some pretty firm ideas about it. Can you speak to that a bit?

DW: In Season 1, Meagan was more sexually fluid, kind of seeing who she was attracted to, experiences she wanted to jump in and out of. But by Season 2 she’s a lot more confident that she’s attracted to women and that’s who she is pursuing, which I think is apparent right off the top of episode 1.


AE: Are you comfortable with the label of lesbian for Meagan?

DW: I love the fact that Meagan doesn’t have any labels because I think it really opens up a place where a lot of people who maybe haven’t labeled themselves can connect to this character.


AE: But emotionally?

DW: Emotionally she would only marry a woman. But I like the fact that we don’t say it in the show.