Nominations Now Open for the 2016 AfterEllen Hot 100



It’s the most wonderful time of the year here on AfterEllen, where we ask our readers to weigh in on the women they find the hottest in the world. And because women tend to find each other sexy for, among other things, their minds, talents and senses of humor, the AfterEllen Hot 100 looks vastly different from those made by Maxim or men’s magazines that inspired our first poll back in 2007.

And while there are some who have been on our list every single year, it’s always fun to see the new additions, largely influenced by what you all are loving lately, including TV shows, movies, sports and other facets of entertainment and pop culture.

So who will come out on top this year? Will Ruby Rose reclaim #1? Will Wentworth babes like Kate Jenkinson break through the pack? Is it possible Tatiana Maslany win both an Emmy and a top 10 spot? And can we all please agree that Kerry Washington needs to move up from #100?

Nominate your top 10 picks for Hottest Women below from now until Friday, August 26th. The winners will be announced on Friday, September 2nd.

Voting is now closed!

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