“Wynonna Earp” creator Emily Andras talks WayHaught survival


AE: Tell me what did you want to represent with her character? Also were you having fun with her so unabashedly naming her “Haught.”

EA: I like someone who is confident on the L scale, but isn’t falling into the trope of being predatory. I think there still is a little bit of that on television, like, “Ooh, she is such a confident lesbian and she is totally coming on to everyone.” I think she knows what she wants and is confident in her desires. But she is a respectful, good person deep down. I feel like those two things can exist in one female character.

It’s funny to me that is seems kind of groundbreaking because we all know people like that. I think she can be a good cop and a good person and a good lesbian. So that’s what we’re going for. That was important to us, although she made her intentions known with the girl she likes she wasn’t going to be super, super aggressive–until she needed to be. Honestly, we wanted people to buy into their relationship–it’s a romance, it’s not just a sex thing.


AE: Their relationship up until last week was the slowest of burns. Was that fun teasing it out before it became a full roaring fire?

EA: It was really fun for me. It’s always kind of a game of chess. It’s always a bit of a bluff. Particularly given the year we’ve had in the LGBT community, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t point that I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t come right out on social media and say, “Well, you just have to have faith in me even though maybe you’ve been through the wringer on a lot of other series.”

I am not above a bit of trolling on the internet, as you may know. So I like that the slow burn becomes an enormous bonfire in episode 9. That felt fun. That was a triumph for Waverly to finally believe she could go over what she wants.


AE: So were you watching on social media as that unfolded in last week’s episode?

EA: Oh, I was with Dominique and Mel and Kat, and I was like, “Everybody lock the doors. It’s going to get hot in here.” That’s another thing that was incredibly gratifying. We have such an incredible cast; they are such marvelous people. And I feel like Kat and Dominique have been so delighted by the response. They are so moved and excited. That’s been amazing to watch, to see them relish in the feelings of the fans. They deserve your love and attention. You have chosen wisely.


AE: What’s your favorite portmanteau?

EA: I like WayHaught. It was funny I was with Dominique when they first came out on screen, and she had never heard of a portmanteau before. She was like, “I like WayHaught, but my name isn’t in it.” The other one I liked that didn’t take off was HaughtWave, because then it was Waverly too. But I like them all. I even like WyNaught, which is Wynonna and Haught. I just like WayHaught because it’s so definitive.


AE: Give me a sense of what’s in store for WayHaught for the rest of the season? Can you assure fans they’ll be standing at the end?

EA: Whether they’re standing or not, they are certainly alive at the end of the season. They are really trying to make this relationship work and find out what this romance is. If it has legs, what it means. But they’re doing it in one of the most dangerous places on Earth right now. So, I’m not going to lie; there’s a lot of drama and danger coming their way. People get hurt, people get put through the wringer.  But they are both very much alive and very much in love come the end of the season.


AE: So there’s every intention, if you should get a second season, they would explore that moving forward?

EA: Oh, definitely. I feel like we’re just getting started. The relationship is just cooking, and there’s so much ground left to cover with those two. I think Dominique and Kat are so exceptional on screen that we all just want more.