“Orphan Black” recap (4.07): Boys want to be her, girls want to be her


Previously on Orphan Black, Donnie and Alison dealt drugs out of a soap store, Delphine got shot and Krystal saw it, Evie told Cosima Delphine was dead but I refused to believe her, Kira revealed herself to be some kind of empath, Sarah and Cosima tried to make a deal with Neolution but Evie double-crossed them and destroyed Cosima’s research and killed Kendall, and with her, the original genome.

In her fancy prison, Rachel hears her door unlock, and wheels into the hallway as fast as she can. Tall staircase with a light at the end of the tunnel. She uses her walking sticks to slowly but surely makes her way up it, and is rewarded by the best present Rachel Duncan could have asked for: a window.

Orphan Black 407-1At least one of my ships on this show is still intact.

The house she had been kept in the basement of is pristine, clean and modern. She finds a book on display that depicts Leda and the Swan, and as she’s thumbing through it, she realizes Susan is on the couch. She tells Rachel that everything is over, that the original is destroyed, that any chance they had for a cure is lost.

She also says they’re on the Island of Dr. Moreau.

In the safehouse, Sarah is sitting under Kira’s mural, watching her daughter sleep, feeling hopeless. When she goes out into the kitchen, Mrs. S is salty about Sarah getting Kendall killed. Mrs. S says Sarah has always been an orphan and it’s all she’ll ever be, which turns all of the cracks in Sarah into full-on breaks. She gathers up her broken pieces and is ready to take Kira and disappear, but Mrs. S won’t let her take her daughter. So Sarah storms off, alone.

Cosima is also broken, lying in her weed garden, having PTSD flashbacks.

Orphan Black 407-2“I could get high, but the high gets me low.”

And I dunno, I once witnessed something traumatizing enough that I saw it every time I closed my eyes for a month, and no one died. So I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

Scott comes to check on her, and Cosima explains that the only reason she’s alive is so she could tell everyone that Kendall is gone, and Delphine is dead. She blames herself for encouraging Sarah to make the deal. But Scott’s not out of hope, not yet. He’s going to restart the computers and see if there are any traces of their research on it.

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