“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.05): Fireball


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Sara and Kendra teamed up to help each other balance their inner monsters and their humanity (and look good doing it), and the Legends headed to Russia in the ’80s to stop Vandal Savage from creating a Soviet Firestorm and ruining the future, but the beautiful-but-deadly Valentina kidnapped Stein, Mick and Ray.

We open with the Professor chatting with…Cisco? The professor chats with him for a moment and realizes something is off—his hair is tidy, he’s being polite, his jokes are boring—why, this isn’t Cisco at all. The Professor snaps out of his hallucination and Valentina reveals that it had been her all along.

Legends of Tomorrow 105-1Why is evil always so attractive?

Stein says that he knows she can’t kill him, so she better give him a shower and new clothes or else. Vandal Savage shows up and threatens torture, but the Professor isn’t afraid. He’s a brave old soul.

On the Waverider, Jax is feeling the Prof’s fear, and it’s making him twitchy. Kendra tries to reassure him that everything will be okay, and they’ll save his other half.

Out in the control room, Rip, Snart and Sara try to ask Gideon how to get into the Gulag, but there’s no good answer to that question.

Legends of Tomorrow 105-2“Where’s Felicity when you need her?”

Sara suggests asking the Russian mob for some help because of course Sara Lance’s first idea is “Let’s just roll up and have a chat with some of the baddest of baddies.” But it’s the only idea they’ve got, so Rip and Snart go to a bath house to hang out with a mobster. They ask him about how to get in or out of the Gulag, and he’s a little suspicious of them because they don’t have tattoos but also intrigued because people don’t get thrown into a Gulag for jaywalking. To solve it, they decide to fight in gravity-defying towels.

Meanwhile, Sara fights a ton of men in the locker room, taking them all out easy peasy lemon squeezy. She goes into the steam room to check on the boys and is highly disappointed that they haven’t even taken out this one guy two-on-one in the time it took her to knock out an entire room of Russians.

Legends of Tomorrow 105-3When you want something done right…

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