Out women and allies we love celebrate National Coming Out Day


In case you missed the internet today, it’s National Coming Out Day, an annual commemoration of kicking that closet door down and sharing who you are with the world. We rounded up some of the best tweets and Instagram posts from out women and allies who utilized the hashtag on this supportive and celebratory holiday.


#nationalcomingoutday love is love.. Be great, be kind, and be you.

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It’s National Coming Out Day and I’ve been thinking about my younger self. How terrified I was the first time I fell in love with a woman. I was attending a Catholic college, playing basketball for the Lady Monks. (No joke). Many of my college professors were monks and nuns. I was studying creative writing and I spent the entirety of my last two years writing poems about masks and hiding. I could have graduated with a degree in How To Leave Pronouns Out Of A Love Poem. Last spring, on tour, a friend told me that Nina Simone spent several years during the Civil Rights Movement refusing to sing love songs, refusing to sing anything but songs for justice and change. When I heard that I felt so charged and inspired. How fierce. How powerful. How unrentlessly committed. That night, before I got on stage, I had the thought that I wasn’t going to read a single soft or sweet poem. I decided I was going to read only social justice poetry through my entire set. But when I was making my set list it hit me that the simple existence of the word “she” in my love poem, made it a political poem. Isn’t that insane? (And I’m not using the word “insane” flippantly) Isn’t it insane that love is a political thing? That the heart is a political thing? This morning I was hiking around Colorado and this heart leaf fell at my feet. If you are someone who has come out or has not come out I hope wherever you are today a leaf like this finds its way to your path. Thank you for being here. Thank you for existing. May you always fall and fall and fall for whatever your brave heart loves. -andrea gibson, former lady monk

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This photo might have actually been taken on #comingoutday in 1989. @ro_z this is what we were talking about!

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Blessed to have such a loving and supportive group of friends and family. Happy #NationalComingOutDay

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