Queer reality webseries “OUTrageous” is part Choose Your Own Adventure


The medium of webseries has been a welcoming and fruitful place for queer women to tell their stories. With massive hits like Nikki and Nora, Kiss Her, I’m Famous, and Carmilla receiving much love, it shows that queer audiences will show up when their stories are told with charm and integrity.

The new reality webseries OUTrageous aims to follow five queer women in Los Angeles as they experience life with each other and the community. Something interesting that sets OUTrageous apart from other webseries is that the show will be interactive. Audiences can chime in, interact with the cast, and help drive some of the action.

OUTrageous‘s creator Pony Gayle has launched an IndieGogo campaign to help fund the production costs of the series. So if you are a fan of reality shows, stories about queer women, or just really miss The Real L Word, then OUTrageous may be right up your alley. The perks are really fun too, and include astrology readings, photo shoots and more.

You can donate to OUTrageous’s fundraising campaign at IndieGogo.com.