“Beacon Hill” recap (1.11): Why Can’t We Be Friends?


As the great Ani Difranco once said, “in a coffeeshop, in a city, which is every coffeeshop in every city, on a day, which is every day,” we find Sara taking refuge. Louise and Emily tell her how she’s amazing and always welcome. You know who else is amazing and always welcome? Kate. Her lesbian senses must have been tingling because she also finds herself at the coffeeshop seeking muffins and clarity.


Kate nearly turns around and walks back out, but Sara asks her to stay. Emily and Louise quickly lock the doors to keep out pesky reporters, and shuffle off into the back room to eavesdrop from a reasonable distance.  Sara quickly offers an apology for showing up at her home and opening up old wounds. She tells Kate about her confrontation with the Senator, and that she now knows that he was the one behind her internship. For a brief moment, Kate is on her side, shaking her head at Sen. Preston’s Machiavellian antics.


Sara wants to lay the blame on her grandfather for the breakup of their relationship, but Kate isn’t going to let her off the hook. Ultimately it was Sara that left town without a word, breaking Kate’s heart in the process. Sara asks Kate if they can start over again, maybe as friends at least. Kate can’t quite believe what Sara is asking. Sara tries to keep it light, but there is very little lightness in the very intense feelings between these two. Also, apparently Sara has forgotten that she has a girlfriend already, back in New York. I’m sure that will come to light soon enough.


Kate insists that she has to go, but she reluctantly agrees to consider Sara’s offer of friendship. When Sara places her beautifully manicured hands on top of Kate’s, you can see the sparks fly from Boston to LA.


At the Preston home, we get our first look at Sen. Preston’s wife Evelyn, fresh from her trip to the plastic surgeon. She’s greeted by Eric, who informs her that Sara is staying at the house while their grandfather is recovering. Evelyn, who can barely be bothered to remember that her husband has grandchildren, is not too thrilled to hear this.  She heads upstairs, and Claire emerges from her room, scotch in hand. She advises Eric to hide the pillows, lest Evelyn try to finish Sen Preston off.


Evelyn quietly crawls unto her husband’s bed and kisses his temple. He acknowledges her presence, citing he could smell her perfume all the way down the hall. She tells him that she loves him, but he does not reciprocate the sentiment. Instead, he tells her that she serves her purpose. Wow, this guy is the king of romance.  One can’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy for this woman.


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