“Beacon Hill” recap (1.8): A Taste of the Truth


True love. Real, true love is something that never really goes away. Sure you may “move on” or even find someone wonderful, but you never really let go of that love. That’s where we find Sara and Katherine (or Kate, as Sara calls her) in this episode of Beacon Hill. But first, we have a brief scene with Claire speaking to her private investigator, Collins. He’s dug up something, and that something, lives in Paris. For the briefest moment, Claire looks almost happy. When she hangs up, her expression turns more wistful. Who else senses a mystery baby given up years earlier?! BH04101 At chez Wesley, Kate practically breaks the door down to get inside and attempt to process her encounter with Sara at the coffee shop. Just as she’s about to take a sip of water (I think vodka is more in order, Katherine dear) there is a knock at the door. Of course, it’s Sara. She asked Emily where Kate was living nowadays because she couldn’t leave things the way they were. Turns out, Kate never left the old townhouse.  To say things are awkward would be an understatement. When Kate asks Sara what she wants, Sara tries to lighten the mood. Kate is like, oh, you brought jokes with you? How nice. BH04102BH04103 Kate doesn’t let Sara off the hook and asks why she showed up in the first place. Sara isn’t quite sure herself. Perhaps it’s the tether that binds their hearts together still after six years. Perhaps it’s nostalgia or curiosity. If she knows, she’s not telling. She quickly puts on her reporter hat however, and tries to dig into Kate’s ties to her grandfather. Will she be replacing him or not? Kate admits that she has not spoken to Sen. Preston yet. Sara doesn’t quite believe Kate, and laments that while she has come to Boston to make amends with her grandfather, she can’t get past how he is still the puppetmaster he always was. Sara then asks Kate to remember how her grandfather manipulated both of them when they were a couple. Oh she remembers. Sara has unwittingly unleashed the big old lesbian truth bomb. Quick, find a foxhole! Kate calmly tears into Sara, and reminds her (and enlightens us) as to how their relationship ended. Sara left that fateful night after their big fight and NEVER SAID ANOTHER WORD TO KATE. Kate was shattered, and confused beyond measure. She even had to find out through Sara’s grandfather that she had moved away. BH04104 Sara tries to apologize, explaining that while what she did was awful, she knew she couldn’t untangle herself from her controlling family if she had to see Kate again. Her resolve would be broken, and this was about self-preservation. Whether or not Kate would have chosen to take Sen. Preston’s offer back then or not, she’s proud of what she has done these last six years. She managed to survive and thrive. Sara dismisses her, accusing her of sounding like a politician which Kate points out is accurate as hell. Sara only thinks that Kate is where she is because of Kate’s family name and her grandfather’s scheming. Sara, I love you doll, but you have never really been able to see the forest through the trees have you? BH04105 Kate puts the kibosh on the argument by saying that Sen Preston gave her an opportunity to be great and she took it. No regrets. Beside, Sara was gone. Kate had to find a life for herself. She tells Sara that she’s moved on, but her eyes tells us otherwise. She asks Sara if she has as well. This moment is so delicate and so poignant, because Kate is hoping that Sara hasn’t either but she’s terrified to hear the truth. BH04106 Sara doesn’t answer her; she just agrees that fighting about the past is fruitless. Unlike Kate, she lays out her painful, vulnerable feelings for the world to see. When she saw Kate at the coffeeshop, everything came rushing back and the last six years flew by in the blink of an eye. She’s still raw and full of regret.  She confesses that leaving Kate was the hardest thing she’s ever done, but Kate laughs bitterly. Kate asks if Sara thought she wouldn’t understand her feelings back then. If they would have stayed together, Kate would have found a way to work it all out. Sara tells her that she is here now, but Kate can’t even believe what she’s hearing. After six years, did Sara expect Kate to be holding a place in her life for her? BH04107 When Kate presses Sara for answers to what she wants now, Sara deflects. She asks if Kate will take the Senate seat if her grandfather steps down. Kate doesn’t know yet. Sara takes this as a yes, and gets incited again, thinking that she and Kate will never be free of his manipulations. History repeats itself as Sara storms out, leaving Kate alone again with her thoughts. She knows that Sen. Preston doesn’t control everything. At least Kate’s heart is sacred ground. BH04108 p.s. Alicia Minshew and Sarah Brown have been knocking it out of the park these last few episodes. What did you think of this week’s episode of Beacon Hill? You can follow Dana on Twitter @danapiccoli

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