Vote now! March Madness Round 2: Which lesbian/bi character would win The Hunger Games?



Welcome to the second round of AfterEllen March Madness, the only tournament asking the most important question on the the internet: Which lesbian/bi character would win The Hunger Games?

Not only that, but we’re also letting you vote for awesome bonus prizes during each round of this year’s tournament. During round one, the bonus prize was a trip in the TARDIS. Warehouse 13‘s Myka Bering won, allowing her mentor (Valerie Anne) to bend the fabric of time and space so that Myka could move anywhere she wanted to go in the brackets. Valerie chose to switch places with Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie Torres, so now Callie is facing off against Bomb Girls‘ Betty McRae and Myka is facing off against The L Word‘s Alice Pieszecki. (For a full list of AfterEllen Hunger Games tributes and mentors, click here.)

Voting for round 2 will be open until Tuesday, April 1st at 6:00 PM EST. The bonus round will take place for a 24-hour period starting Monday, March 31st. The prize: The Blade of Evil’s Bane! Don’t forget to check back for that, and don’t forget to tag your Twitter and Tumblr posts with #TheMockingGay so we can find you!

Click here to view the full-size brackets.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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