“Beacon Hill” recap (Eps. 1.5 & 1.6): The Lady Doth Protest Too Much


Not everything is all politics and regrettable art on Beacon Hill. It’s also about family, the ones we are stuck with and the ones we choose ourselves. On that note, I love a good reunion, and so do Emily and Louise at the coffee shop because when Sara pops her head in to say hello, the ladies go bonkers. Sara, whose hair has no doubt been washed in unicorn tears due to its ethereal shine and bounce, is happy to see the ladies as well. After forcing her to submit to a muffin and coffee, they all sit down to catch up. beaconhill03271 It’s been a few years sine Sara has been back in town due to that whole awful grandfather and broken heart thing. Emily and Louise give their preemptive condolences on Sen. Preston and talk about how he may not be a good man, but he’s a good senator. Speaking of senators, the ladies bring up Katherine and Sara visibly stiffens. Emily goes on to say that Katherine has been a terrific representative so it makes sense that all signs point to her taking over Sen. Preston’s seat. Emily was surprised however, that Sara’s brother Eric’s name wasn’t being bandied about. Sara begins to tell them about there glamorous life as a journalist but gets interrupted by a call from her girlfriend Diane and excuses herself to take it. The ladies are curious about this “Diane.” beaconhill03272 Back in Katherine’s office, her chief of staff Andrew is chomping at the bit to get Katherine in front of the powers that be to discuss her taking over Sen. Preston’s seat. Katherine on the other hand, is hesitant. When he presses her about not being interested, she snaps back that she hasn’t made up her mind. Andrew leaves, but not before Frank Underwood-ing her desk. (Knuckle banging it with his ring, for you non-House of Cards fans) When he gets out of her earshot, he makes a call to a mysterious person telling them, “We have a problem.” Whose side are you on, Andrew!? beaconhill03273 Also acting shady, is Claire Preston. She meets with some stranger in the park and slides over a manila envelope FULL OF SECRETS!!! Or money, or something nefarious. She asks if he will be discreet, which he says he will be. “No one must know about this” she tells him, her voice steady yet ominous. beaconhill03274 Sen. Preston is holding court in his sick bed, and it becomes quite obvious that he is the mystery man Andrew was talking to earlier. Preston wants to know if Katherine took the bait, but what Andrew says, does not please him. Preston tells Andrew to not to disappoint him, because being on the Senator’s shitlist is a fate worse than death. beaconhill03275 At Katherine’s house, she’s watching a rather exciting movie with a lady friend, Laura. (Hello, new lady friend.) Like a lesbian, Laura immediately brings up the fact that Sara is back in town. Katherine plays it off like no big deal, and gives us a chance to admire her biceps. (Thank you Beacon Hill!) beaconhill03276 Laura doesn’t really buy Katherine’s protests that the past is in the past. Katherine scoops Laura up and proceeds to make out with her. Apparently these two are not an “item” item, but friends who spend a lot of time scissoring and watching Netflix. beaconhill03277 Back at the Preston estate, Claire nervously pours over pictures from a special little box, while downing scotch. Must be Wednesday! She’s startled by Sara’s knock at the door, which she promptly ignores. Beaconhill03278 Sara is joined by Eric and the two discuss their dysfunctional family. He’s on board, her, not so much. She questions why he never broke away from the family, and essentially suggests that he’s their grandfather’s lap dog. Eric takes it in stride. He’s proud to be a Preston. He also tells her that their grandfather knows that she’s there and waiting for her to make a move. She says she will, only if it’s to toss some dirt on his grave. Sara can’t stop herself from bringing up Katherine being sought to replace Sen. Preston. Eric echoes her conversation with Louise and Emily. Katherine has the goods, and is well loved by her constituents. He brings up their past “thing” and she deflects, saying it’s been simply ages since she was madly in love with that girl. Like a million years. Forever! Eric smirks, and wonders who she’s really trying to convince. Preach, brother. BeaconHill03279 What did you think of this week’s Beacon Hill?

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