“Guild Wars 2” conjures some magic with lesbian romance


Warning: Contains Major Spoilers for “Guild Wars 2”

This past week, something majorly queer happened in the popular PC game Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer role playing game) where you play a character of your own design and customization that fights along side other players to save your beloved world Tyria from recently awakened Elder Dragons. And you thought your day job was a bitch.

GW2 1

While Guild Wars is a multi-player game, its shifting environment and important plot developments are shaped to play more like a single player RPG. Like most RPG’s you depend of NPC (non-playable characters) to assist you in battle and help flesh out the game’s narrative. Two of these NPCs, Marjory Delaqua and Lady Kasmeer Meade, have become fan favorites for their interesting backstories and developing romantic relationship.

GW2 2

Marjory Delaqua is a BAMF (you don’t need me to explain that one). She’s a necromancing private detective with a voice like Gina Gershon and face that can break your heart. As a necromancer, she has power over the dead and can use them effectively in battle. Her cutscenes are shot in film noir style, and her character is both sharp-minded and sharp-tongued.

GW2 3

Marjory’s partner in Delaqua Investigations is Lady Kasmeer Meade, also a human, but whose profession is that of Mesmer. Lady Kasmeer can use illusions to confuse and deceive her enemies, which is a great skill both on the battlefield and when you are doing some serious PI snooping. Loyal and positive, she is the perfect match for Marjory’s darker and more intense personality. What began as a business arrangement slowly turned into something more, with the characters flirting and admitting stronger feeling for one another.

GW2 4

In the chapter released on March 4th, Battle for Lion’s Arch, the relationship between Marjory and Lady Kasmeer took a giant leap forward. When facing the final boss, Scarlett, Marjory goes in half-cocked and ends up mortally wounded. Lady Kasmeer, fueled by anger and grief, joins your player in the final battle to kill Scarlett. Luckily for Marjory and Lady Kasmeer, it’s good to have powerfully magical friends who can heal battle wounds. When Marjory is revealed to be alive, the two women exchange a tender kiss. Here is the dialogue that follows.

GW2 5

Lady Kasmeer: Jory, oh Jory! I thought you were—I thought…(sobs)

Marjory: Hush love, I’m OK. Rox worked some battlefield magic on me. It’s OK, honey. I’m going to be OK.

Guild Wars is not known for its touching love stories, and that is what makes the relationship between Marjory and Lady Kasmeer so remarkable. Their relationship develops organically and provides much heart to Guild Wars 2. Sure, you can’t play as either of the characters, but it’s a real treat to watch their romance unfold. Kind of like watching two of your friends finally realizing they are meant for each other. The gaming world needs more LGBTQ leading characters, but having well developed supporting characters is also a huge step in the right direction.

What do you think of the relationship between Marjory and Lady Kasmeer?

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