’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013



Every year we ask our writers to come up with gift-giving ideas for the women in our lives, and it unintentionally doubles as an interesting social experiment. (Results: Not typical.) Everyone gets to choose the category (aka kind of person) they are choosing presents for, and then they go to work finding the items (or in some cases, experiences) that they believe that woman would want. Now we’re not saying we get it all right, but we can almost guarantee that our picks will please whatever lucky lady you are shopping for.

Most gift guides will tout pricey electronics or brand new merchandise created just for the craze that is this money-making time of year. Instead, we hope to provide you with alternatives that are frequently women or lesbian-made, and something your giftee would not already be getting from her mom or brother or Santa Claus.

So here are 18 different kinds of women we know and love, and love to buy for during the holidays. May you find something that fits your budget and your boo!

Happy Holidays!

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