Afternoon Delight: Kate Walsh strips down for “Shape,” Katy Perry goes to prison for “Raising Hope”


Good afternoon everyone!

Happy birthday to superstar actresses Dakota Fanning and Emily Blunt! Which girl on girl movie couple has more chemistry; Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart in The Runaways or Emily Blunt and Natalie Press in My Summer of Love?



Private Practice star Kate Walsh shows off her shape on the cover of Shape magazine. (I hope she didn’t catch a chill.)

Apparently apocalypse films are rampant in Hollywood. Natasha Lyonne and Willem Dafoe team up for the end if the world in 4:44 Last Day on Earth. Check out the film’s trailer below in which Dafoe looks way too old for actress Shanyna Leigh.


“I Kissed A Girl” songstress Katy Perry will guest star as a prison guard in an upcoming episode of Raising Hope. Perry shows off her new look and mustache on Tuesday, March 6 at 8 p.m.

Is it just me or does Perry resemble one of Cameron Diaz‘s characters in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle?

Last night Jennifer Aniston sat down with Chelsea Handler to plug her new racy film Wanderlust, in which Aniston goes topless.

Handler quipped, “I’ve seen you — I’ve been lucky enough to see you topless in our private life but now America when they go to see the movie Wanderlust will get to see her topless running.” (I’m more of an ass woman, myself.)

If you live in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 26, join fitness expert Lacey Stone at Barry’s Bootcamp. The workout begins at 1 p.m. or if you’re too lazy just head over to the Abbey at 3 p.m. to hang out with Stone and explain why you weren’t in class.

Tomorrow night I’ll be performing at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, CA. Mention my name at the door and get in for free for the 8 p.m. show located in the upstairs Belly Room. (8433 Sunset Blvd.)

Lesbian/Bi Tweet of the Day!

Today’s Tweet comes from accident-prone country star Chely Wright.

I hope her pretty little face is OK.

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