Morning Brew – Wednesday, Feb. 15: Azealia Banks is “not a raging dyke,” Faberry wins TV’s Top Couple poll


Good morning! Are you even reading this or are you just watching last night’s Glee over and over?

Well if you’re still with me, hi! Now many of you were like “What. the. hell?” yesterday when I featured uno lesbian (Sarah Golden) from The Voice, but I had to confirm the second! And it is the truth, you were all right. Erin Martin is indeed a lesbian, and that is her for real girlfriend who was there to support her at the audition. Yay! I spoke with Sarah yesterday and she said that since they are both on Team Cee-Lo, they were put together as roommates. Two lesbians, one room. They both have partners, but apparently they bonded. (DUH.) Here’s a look at Erin.

The Artist‘s Bérénice Bejo is up for Best Supporting Actress this year, but Movieline uncovered her 1997 short, Enceinte Ou Lesbienne?, aka “Pregnant or Lesbian?” Watch the short to find out which one she really is. I loved it.

What’s going to happen with Franky and Mini’s friendship on Skins? Dakota Blue Richards says:

I think it’s a very similar situation with Mini and Franky as it is with Matty and Franky — they also have an incredible bond. I think having that bond makes them very comfortable loving each other, but also very comfortable hating each other. I think they love each other really deeply and they’re going to support each other. And I think when Franky’s done messing about with Luke and also with the acquirement of knowledge about the situation that they may end up in, which comes in the next episode, I think they both realise that actually, in order to solve this situation and to help each other through it, they’re both going to have to grow up a bit. Actually, they need each other quite a lot.

Oh, to be a teen again.

Out musicians Meshell Ndegeocello and Toshi Reagon interviewed one another for The Huffington Post. They discuss how the civil rights movement is or isn’t the same as the LGBT community’s fight for equality and how they should create some “fight songs” together. That collaboration that needs to happen ASAP!

Lesbian boxer Patricia Manuel had to pull out of the U.S. Olympic trials because of an injury. She told The L.A. Times she’s “so sorry her story ends like this.” I am, too! I hope she gets that arm rested and can jump back in the ring.

Azealia Banks talked with Complex about her career thusfar and she said some things that made me facepalm. Namely this:

Me and DJ Skeet Skeet were in L.A. working on some stuff in January 2010. He played me the beat for “212” [which sampled] “Float My Boat” by Lazy Jay. I thought it was crazy and if I could rap on it, I would kill it. But that was a long time ago and I was like, “I can’t do this.” This was too homo. Like, “What the f–k am I really doing? Everyone’s gonna say I’m a f—-ing dyke.” So I left it in my iTunes like whatever. I would listen to it and spit a few words but I wasn’t serious about writing it. Once it got closer to me dying to impress XL, I started going through my iTunes looking for something to rap on.

“212″ is basically like you’re [willing to be] gay to get discovered. You’re a straight dude who wants to get discovered so bad that you’re gonna f–k this n—a. Or like this bitch is gonna snort that coke because she wants to be famous. Or that bitch is going to eat that other girl’s p—y because she wants to be famous. She wants to be accepted, like I want to come and hang out because I don’t have anything. I don’t have any money. I’m sure anything you’re doing is better than what I’m doing.

On her sexuality:

I’m bisexual. I’m not a raging dyke. I’m a very feminine young woman who has a boyfriend. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a dyke. It’s my business, I do what I want to do. I just didn’t want to become that like, “Oh that’s gay.” I don’t want it about me being some huge f—ing muff diver.

I just didn’t want it to be like when someone] writes a really good f—ing song but it’s like damn, ‘Like damn n—a, that shit is gay.’ But not even in a derogatory sense. It’s definitely not to be s—-ing on anyone for being gay.

You know how Perez Hilton is just mad gay? His theme is, “I’m gay” even though he has his gossip thing. I didn’t want my theme to be “I’m gay” like I’m some f—ing raging dyke. I don’t want to push it out there and have it about me being some huge f—ing muff diver. It’s not even that serious. It’s like whatever.

I think what you are trying to say, Azealia, is you want your music to be first. I think. Mostly I was wondering why people actually think someone would refer to her as a “raging dyke.” I don’t call anyone a raging dyke unless maybe they were at a party and it was a real rager, and they were like “What am I?” No, not even then.

Guess who won E! Online’s TV’s Top Couple poll yesterday?

I know you voted for them, you raging dyke! (Sorry, just trying it out. Doesn’t work, does it?)

When Lip Service returns, it will feature some new faces! Here’s who has been added to the cast: Sinead Keenan,Neve McIntosh andAnna Skellern as “Lexy, a naturally witty, straight-talking doctor from Australia who works in the ER department of the local hospital.” So we have a hot cop and now a hot doctor? OK, Lip Service, get back in my life immediately.

Jessie and The Toy Boys released a new video for “Runaway” and I think you’ll like it. It’s about two friends who find themselves more in love with each other than their boyfriends. It also celebrates the recent Prop. 8 overturn. Yay!

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