New Music Tuesday: 2-14-2012


Happy Tuesday my sweet music Valentines! In honor of this great

greeting card holiday, I was going to make you some mixes. Then I started making them and

decided I’m more of an emotional mix maker and not a sappy one. Even my

“Your face gives me the dry heaves” mixes tend to be confusing due to

that thin line between love and hate. So, why don’t you just listen to

whatever new music is out today and enjoy this special V-Day blog post

by none other than Daria Morgendorffer.

Heartless BastardsArrow

(Partisan Records)

The fourth release from these Ohioans

isn’t a big departure from their previous releases but it doesn’t need

to be. Frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom is the owner of one of

the most uniquely powerful voices I’ve ever heard. Years ago, I heard

their single, “All This Time,” when it was NPR’s

song of the day and my mind was instantly blown. For months, no other

voice could capture my attention quite like hers.

When I saw the band was coming to town, I rushed to set up an interview

but by the time they got to the venue, Erika was quiet, tired and

somewhat flustered. She was tiny in stature but her overall presence

seemed fragile, completely different than what I had expected. It was

easily one of the worst interviews I’ve ever done and I’m happy to

blame it on the fact that we were meeting just after they spent

fourteen hours in a packed van.

When the lights went down and the band took the stage, the woman I had

just met was gone and in her place was this ferocious beast of a

singer/guitarist who basically reached into the audience, grabbed our

hearts and swallowed them whole. It was madness and things got dirty

and sweaty and absolutely perfect.

So, while I’ve only had the time to take this baby for a test drive

once or twice, I am looking forward to spending more quality time with

it, and their entire back catalogue, soon. Stream the album in its

entirety over at Paste.

Band of Skulls
Sweet Sour

(Electric Blues Recordings)

From the opening dirty Southern blues

guitar licks of the title track, I was hooked. In fact, I literally

said out loud, “Oh hell yes” and then went back to drinking my coffee.

This group does loud sexy rock & roll a la The Kills really well. They can also

slow it down and bring things to a more emotional level as well. The

album’s closer, “Close to Nowhere,” basically gave me Broken Heart

Syndrome, which I heard from my local news telecast was an actual

condition that should clear up in the next three months. Thanks a lot

Band of Skulls. Seriously though, I’ve already added this to my “Best

of 2012” playlist. Now go get your stream on.


Young and Old (Fat Possum Recordings)

There’s a chance I’m remembering things

incorrectly, I’m getting old after-all, but I don’t remember these

adorable hipsters making such full-sounding music with some dark

undertones. In the past it was more sweet and soft California surf pop.

Now it seems as though they’re ready to hang up their collective poodle

skirt, put on a leather jacket, start smoking and take a ride on the

back of a greaser’s Harley. Weird analogy for a band whose singer is

married to her bandmate but I absolutely love it. I was about to feel

badly for calling them hipsters but they’re giving away a beer koozie

when you order their CD so they’re basically asking for it. Stream it

and love it over at Spinner.


War Dancer (Red Parade Music)

Screw Valentine’s Day, today should be

celebrated for great music! This Kentucky cutie is turning me into a

singer-songwriter believer. This is not the genre I go running to on a

regular basis as I generally find it really difficult to connect with,

but I am feeling this. In

many ways War Dancer reminds

me of the first time I heard, and subsequently fell in love with, Sarah Blasko‘s first


Honorable Mentions: Punch Brothers and Amos Lee. I guess Monica & Brandy’s single “It All Belongs to

Me” came out but it will never be the amazing anthem that is, “The

Boy is Mine
.” That was back when Monica

was mah Boo. (Sidenote: Adding this to my karaoke list.)

That’s all for this week! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day

regardless of your relationship status and we all know, when all else

fails, we can let the music be our hot

hot sex
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