Morning Brew – Tuesday, Feb. 14: Sarah Golden goes Gaga on “The Voice,” Magda Szubanski comes out


Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you excited to see who won our “Hottest IRL Lesbian Couples” poll? We’ll tell you later today.

A radio station in New Zealand tried to prank a couple, saying they’d “won a divorce.” The couple, however, were a pair of women, who didn’t find the contest funny one bit.

I know you all love Syd tha Kid so much, but it’s important to know what people who ultimately represent some part of you to the masses are saying. And here’s what she just told Out about criticisms she receives:

All the stuff that people got mad about, I just took with a grain of salt. I respect everyone’s argument, but at the same time, I have counter arguments. The main [complaint] was, “You’re portraying lesbians in a bad light and you’re saying all they do is drugs and they’re so mean, they kick people out of cars.” That’s totally not what I was trying to say. I mean, why would I say that about myself?

You tell us!

Aussie comedian/actress Magda Szubanski came out yesterday on the Channel 10 show The Project. Check out the clip!

Welcome to the club, Magda!

If you watch one music video today, let it be this. EMA‘s “Take One Two” is a single she’s releasing to benefit anti-bullying charities and the video is made up of footage of her as a teenager, hanging out with her friends in ” a South Dakota trailer park in the mid-90s.” She said they all felt like freaks but when she watches these videos from that time, she is amazed at how happy she looks.

Are you ready for a new lesbian to root for on The Voice? Sarah Golden is it! She wowed judges on last night’s audition show and is now on Team Cee-Lo. Check out her take on Lady Gaga.

Here’s a backstage interview with her, too.

Out director Phyllida Lloyd talked with The Advocate about making films as a woman and, specifically, a gay woman. She’s behind the recent Margaret Thatcher film, The Iron Lady.

I’m interested in addressing that at least 50% of the audience is female and making them feel that they are 50% of the world, not 10% or 5%, to somehow make women feel more part of things. Because I’m 54, and I feel that my generation still struggles with entitlement. The feeling of, Gosh, I’m lucky to have this gig, let’s just get on with it. I hope the generation that comes behind me is less neurotic. I hope they are about their sexuality as well. I feel like the theater has been an extremely gender-friendly, gay-friendly place. That’s why so many of us have found homes in it. It wasn’t until I stepped onto a big movie set that I kind of realized that I was a woman because everybody was calling each other “sir” on the set, which is something I never experienced. I have become more aware of being a minority working in the movies than I was working in the theater. I would hope that is gradually changing.

The Real L Word‘s Sajdah and Chanel are featured on as a cute couple, but I want to give a shout out to the couple below them from my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan! Looking lovely Destini and Camille!

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