Morning Brew – Friday, February 3: Suze Orman on “30 Rock,” Moms fight JC Penney over Ellen


Happy Friday! I hope you have a swell weekend. I am psyched to go to Portland’s Her HRC event tonight. There’s a breakdancing contest that I will not be entering. I will gladly judge the others, though.

Tig Notaro is joining BFF Sarah Silverman‘s new NBC comedy. She’ll be playing one of Silverman’s character’s friends named “Beth Ann, a tenant in the building who has a 4 year-old daughter.” No word on if she’ll be a mombian. Also on the show: June Diane Raphael, aka the lesbian gyno from New Girl.

Do you want to watch Ricky Martin sing LMFAO? OK, well maybe you want to see Santana slap her own ass.

Couple Megan Edwards and Katie MacTurk were kept out of a Valentine’s Day contest they tried to enter at their alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University. Alumni were invited to share their story of how they met their partner while attending the school, but Megan and Katie were told they couldn’t enter, as St. Joe’s is a Catholic school that doesn’t recognize gay marriage. The decision was later reversed after the couple took to Facebook and supporters rallied around them.

Rihanna and Basketball WivesEvelyn Lozada got pretty flirty on Twitter yesterday, after Rihanna asked if Evelyn’s husband would “share” her. This is apparently based on a hot FHM spread Evelyn did.

Did you catch Suze Orman on 30 Rock last night? Look at Suze acting!

Tegan and Sara are starting to record their new album on Feb. 20. Tegan also recommends you see Pariah.

Nicol Paone is in this Kia commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. I love the rainbow behind her. Also, does she really look that pretty while she sleeps?I’m jealous.

Rosie O’Donnell went on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday and talked about her health. She wants to lose weight and make healthy changes in her life. You can watch the clips over at the show’s website. Ro, it’s hard to lose weight in Chicago. Too much pizza and other great food!

One Million Moms want Ellen DeGeneres to be pulled from her new spot as a JC Penney spokesperson because she is “an open homosexual.” Well I have news for you, OMM. I am, too, an open homosexual and I shop at JC Penney. Have you seen Charlotte Ronson‘s line there? No, you haven’t, because you are still buying Arizona jeans. And why are they pissed just now? Ellen has been a spokeswoman for other things, including a huge CoverGirl campaign. If they stopped using CG and moved over to Maybelline, they can just stop shopping at JC Penney and head to Sears. And then I hope Sears hires Jane Lynch to be their spokeswoman.

Check out the new song from queer duo THEESatisfaction and see if they are coming to a town near you, Europe included!

I do not like this rumor: Will Maya die on Pretty Little Liars? You never know with that show.

Congrats to new mamas Gro Hammerseng and Anja Edin! They welcomed a baby boy yesterday. (Thanks for the tip Vivian!)

Have a great weekend!

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