The Weekly Geek: Nerdy Valentines


Geeks, it’s February. That always means two things: I have a birthday, and Valentine’s Day rears its cupidy little head to frown on all those who don’t celebrate the many splendors of love and affection on the 14th. I’ve always thought it harder for nerds to stomach, what with our inherent distrust of social gatherings requiring flowers, cards, and chocolate, instead of our preferred accouterments of geekery.

Fear not, lady nerds! The Mary Sue has just posted a delightful gallery of geek-specific Valentines, all of which can easily be purchased (or merely downloaded) and given to your beloved (provided that she’s a dork too). I’m highlighting the selections that seem the most appropriate for queer women, since that’s obviously what we’re all about.

This particular card is probably “supposed” to be a boy and a girl, but it certainly looks like two women to me. Plus, those hats are just too cute.

You can’t argue with Portal, especially with its almost entirely female world — at least, in terms of who’s actually alive. Am I right?

Finally, my heart melted with the sheer, queer power of this Golden Girls card. On a side note, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen productions of The Golden Girls put on by the fabulous queens of San Francisco’s Tranny Shack. Just FYI.

Of course, the truly creative should probably go ahead and create their very own. I’ve taken the liberty of making a low rent version here, with Shepard and Liara from Mass Effect.

But that’s only the beginning. What about Buffy fan fiction cards? Or Bronie-inpired My Little Pony valentines? The possibilities are truly endless. Post em’ if you got em’, geeks!