Morning Brew – Wednesday, Feb. 1: Heather Peace guest edits for “G3,” Sarah Paulson in “Game Change”


It’s officially February! Are you dreading Valentine’s Day yet? Excited about it? Couldn’t care less? Awesome!

Heather Peace was the guest editor of G3‘s love issue and she shares the cover with her Lip Service co-star Fiona Button. Cute!

Jane Lynch will be hosting The 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in Los Angeles on February 21. She’s definitely a great host, so they’ve got a winner in Ms. Lynch.

Speaking of Jane, I’m glad to see her in the promo for next week’s Glee, which also stars Ricky Martin.

Can Glee learn some things from Degrassi? Probably. Palex kissed sometimes!

Have you been watching Alcatraz? Out actress Geri Jewell was on this week’s episode and will start showing up more. I need to find it and watch, but she’s been getting rave reviews for her role. Geri told Access Hollywood:

“n a scene that I filmed for this coming episode, I’m drinking a lot of liquor in it — drinking a lot of wine. I’m like, “Is she drunk or does she have [cerebral palsy]?” I think it’s a little of both! I like [my character]! She’s kind of cool.

The Jakarta Globe has an in-depth piece about lesbian filmmakers in Indonesia. Eight of them came together to create the film Children of Srikandi, which will premiere at Berlinale this month. The film’s tagline: “For the first time, queer Indonesian women are breaking the code of silence.” This is going to be amazing.

Camila Grey talked with Music Under Fire about creating Uh Huh Her‘s sound. Did you know that she was asked to write a song for Twilight but it wasn’t used? She told MUF:

I would put our song “Human Nature” in the very first Twilight, because that is what I was asked to write it for. It would have gone really nicely in the rolling credits I think. Oh well.

Carol Anshaw has written one of my favorite lesbian-themed novels ever (Aquamarine) so I enjoyed her conversation about queer literature over at The Huffington Post. I cannot wait for her new book to be in my hot little hands! Apparently it starts right in with a sex scene.

Fringe needs more Jasika Nicole, all the time. It looks like it’s going to happen! Astrid will be a huge part of Friday’s episode and another future “Astrid-centric episode.”

Girl in a Coma played a Tiny Desk Concert over at NPR. I just love the name of that series.

In US Weekly, Felicity Huffman says that Sarah Paulson makes her laugh uncontrollably, which makes me feel like Sarah needs to do some more comedies. She’s pretty serious in her next role in HBO’s Game Change as an aid to Sarah Palin (Julianne Moore).

ShamelessJohn Wells is working on a US version of Bad Girls. It’s going to be on NBC, so I’m not sure how racy it will be.

Want to see all kinds of portraits of Ellen DeGeneres? It’s your lucky day! I like this one by Shelly Cox.

Speaking of Ellen, she used to work at JC Penney and is going to be part of their new rebranding efforts. She’s such a busy woman.

See you tomorrow!

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