Your Weekly Women to Listen to: The Black Belles, Jose Vanders and more


Greetings music lovers! This week has been flying by so quickly for me,

I feel as though I’m in a time tornado! Good thing I’ll fit right in if

I ever get picked up and thrown into Munchkinland. Are you ready for

your weekly music recommendations? Giddy up.

The Black Belles

File Under: Punkabilly,


From: Nashville

For Fans of: The Dead Weather,

Le Butcherettes, The Cramps, Faster

Pussycat Kill! Kill!
, The Creepshow, Gore Gore Girls, Psycho Beach Party, old records,

bourbon, vintage clothing from the ’60s, taxodermy, Nosferatu.

Bonus: These fine young women

were discovered by Jack White

and basically destined for greatness. Also, there’s something to be

said for a group of ladies who can all pull off the goth pilgrim look!

This is not easy to do, trust me, I wish someone would have warned me

before senior picture day.

Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii


Electronic pop opera



For Fans of: Siouxsie

& the Banshees, Adult., The Knife, cold weather, Nad Mika,

conceptual art, Hi Fashion, everything Trent Reznor does, hating Red

Bull but drinking it anyway, The

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
, apple strudel.

Bonus: I don’t know very much

about them just yet but from looking around their Facebook photos I can

tell they’ve got a sense of humor, which I always find preferable in


Jose Vanders


Sweetly sung indie-pop



For Fans of: Birdy, a more

soft-spoken Adele, Wallis Bird, Rachel Sermanni, Disney movies,

believing in love at first sight, handwritten letters, Emmy the Great,

Laura Marling, candlelit macaroni and cheese dinners.

Bonus: A cute little bonus (for

those of us without one) is when Jose slows down her singing and kind of

speak-sings because her adorable accent comes out. As an added bonus,

she’s giving away a free download over at her Bandcamp

page. Thank you so much to AfterEllen reader Lauren for the recommendation ages


Dead Sara


Heavy rock

From: L.A.


Fans of:
Instrumentally somewhat like Rage Against The Machine, Foo

Fighters, vocally but not stylistically like The Pack A.D., those old

“This is your brain on drugs” commercials, wearing the same jeans for a

full month without washing them because they look better that way,

Soundgarden, Pantera, if PJ Harvey became an aggressive drunk.

Bonus: This is not the

type of music I normally listen to but I have to say, vocalist Emily Armstrong is someone to keep

your eye on. The passion in her voice basically kicked my ass until I

turned into a believer.  It only took about thirty seconds so I

highly suggest you lend them your ears for at least that long. If

you’re a fan of The Warped Tour,the

band was recently added to the roster.



File Under: Alt-country,

bluesy guitar rock


Massachusetts, but she’s on a German record label so don’t be

surprised if you see a lot of Deutsch being thrown around

For Fans of: A

mixture of Lucinda Williams & Emmylou Harris, social action,

Roseanne Cash, Helen Reddy, pasta salad, hand-crafted furniture made

from wood, Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” cowboy shirts.


Thank you to AfterEllen reader, Tine, for the suggestion! Here is a

super cute picture of her pups snuggling and sleeping in her

guitar case
backstage at one of her shows. Awww.


Once again we’ve made it to the end of

the week’s list of recommendations. I hope you found something you will

enjoy for weeks to come. I want to throw it out there that, even if you

don’t have a specific artist to recommend, if there’s a certain genre

you’d like to see more of, let me know and I’ll do some digging. You

can feel free to drop me an email,

put something in the comments below, follow me on Twitter or

reach out to me on Facebook!

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