Afternoon Delight: A look at the new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Cynthia Nixon’s sad new role


Good afternoon!

Happy birthday to Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Williams!

Good afternoon!

For the second year in a row, Lady Gaga topped the “Celebs Gone Good” list via Country sweetheart Taylor Swift ranked 20th for giving away $1 million and performing in numerous benefit concerts, Glee’s Lea Michele snagged the 16th spot for her advocate work with PETA and Ellen DeGeneres placed 7th for her work with HIV/AIDS awareness. Way to go, ladies!

Out actress Cynthia Nixon stars in the historic drama World Without End, based on Ken Follett’s book of the same name. The Canadian TV miniseries is set in 1327 and chronicles society’s struggles with the plague, high taxes and the Church of England’s war with France. (This series is on Debbie Downer’s must see list.) World Without End will be released in late 2012.

Showtime has offered up the premiere episode of their new series House of Lies, both online and On Demand. The dark comedy about big business stars Veronica MarsKristen Bell and premieres Sunday, January 8 at 10 p.m.

And speaking of sneak peeks, take a gander at the below promo for the Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 “Suddenly” episode, premiering Thursday, January 5 on ABC. (Apparently Calzona was taking a lunch break when they were shooting this promo.)

Popular lesbian cartoon Lizzy the Lezzy wants to make sure you’re doing your part.

Out independent producer Nekisa Cooper wrote a terrific article for The Huffington Post entitled, “How Producing Pariah Helped Me Open Up to My Parents About My Sexuality.” Do yourself a favor and check it out. (Pun intended.)

Lesbian/Bi Video of the Day!

Out artist Psalm One is on a musical mission and would like your support. Psalm One is aiming to raise $8000 by December 31, 2011 to finish her next album. Some lucky donors will get an Executive Producer credit on the album, one on one phone calls with the artist and Psalm One even offers to come to your house and cook you dinner. I hope she can make a good veggie lasagna.

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