Morning Brew – Wednesday, Dec. 21: Calzona spoilers, “Glee” Christmas cards, Swedish Olympian Kajsa Bergqvist comes out


Gooood morning, Brewbies. Just in time for Christmas, Kirstin Keagy and Family Sandwich have released a new Funny or Die video about a lesbian who comes out to her family — with unexpected results.


Hell, I think I was wearing a WNBA jersey when I got baptized.

Our friends over at Time Out New York have posted a year-end photo wrap-up of some of the best LGBT moments of 2011. From the official end of DADT to the official beginning of legalized same-sex marriage, they’ve got it all!

AfterEllen reader Christoffer let us know that Swedish high jumper Kajsa Bergqvist will be coming out as bisexual in the January issue of QX magazine. Bergqvist is an Olympics bronze medalist, and a World Championship and European Championship gold medalist. She’s also one of the biggest names in sports in Sweden. In the January interview, she will talk about meeting her current girlfriend and about learning to accept that she is attracted to both men and women.

Any time a high profile athlete comes out it makes an enormous difference in the often homophobic world of professional sports. So kudos to Kajsa. I can’t wait to read the interview!

Spoiler King Michael Ausiello from has given us a sneak peek at what’s in store for Callie and Arizona when Grey’s Anatomy returns this January: “Little Sofia threatens to derail Callie’s big Valentine’s Day surprise for Arizona on Feb. 9, but it’s not the tyke’s fault; it’s Mark’s. Callie asks him to look after their daughter but he’s got plans of his own, so she tries to pawn babysitting duties off on the other docs. I’m guessing it all works out because the episode ends with Callie escorting a blindfolded Arizona to [spoiler].”

Mark almost f–ks up Callie and Arizona’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple? I am so shocked to hear that. (No, I’m not.)

Looking for a last minute gift for the lezzy lady in your life? How about a Brittany S. Pierce e-card courtesy of the publicity team behind Glee: The Concert, which hit shelves on Blu-Ray and DVD yesterday.

Back in 2009, on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, police in Forth Worth raided a gay bar called The Rainbow Lounge. The police used unnecessary force, causing serious injury to many to the gay patrons. In the months that followed, a formal investigation led to suspension and termination for many of the officers involved in the raid. Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, a new documentary by Robert L. Camina, will explore the raid and the ripple of repercussions felt by the gay community. Bonus? It will be narrated by Meredith Baxter. Want to know more, including how you can help the project come to fruition? Check out


Have a happy Wednesday, friends. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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