Morning Brew – Friday, Dec. 9: Wanda Sykes would love to have many wives, Missy Higgins auctions off her artwork


Happy Friday! I am going out dancing tonight. I can’t wait.

Dot-Marie Jones was “scared-to-death” of singing “Jolene” on Glee. In the same interview with KTLA, she teases that she’ll have some more romance with the guy named Cooter coming up. (True Blood did it first!)

Wanda Sykes called into a radio show with hosts called The Freaks. She talked politics and was hilarious as usual! (“Plural marriages — I like that! Get your freak on.”)

Congrats to Federal Policy Director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights Maya Rupert for being named to Ebony magazine’s Power 100 List.

Missy Higgins has created some original artwork she’s selling as part of an effort to save the Kimberley in Australia. So far, the bid is up to $342. In other news, I want a new album from her, like, yesterday.

Out director Phyllicia Lloyd joined her The Iron Lady star Meryl Streep for a discussion on the film. Check out the video at The Hollywood Reporter.

Goldfrapp has released a new video for “Yellow Halo” and it looks to be footage from her travels.

A columnist for has a piece titled “Looking for Ms. Right: Where Have You Gone, Eleanor Roosevelt?” which is hilarious for many reasons. First of all, she says she’s conservative even in the area of same-sex marriage, yet she wants an Eleanor Roosevelt (who had some lesbian dalliances). She also mentions Joan of Arc (gay!) and goes on to lambast Rachel Maddow.

Which will kill me, because, you know, Maddow is the Lesbian With All the Answers, the supercilious Rhodes scholar who somehow thinks that because she’s smart, anyone who doesn’t agree with her is stupid. The only thing that commends her is the fact that, unlike 90 percent of the women on Fox, she doesn’t look like Jessica Rabbit and doesn’t kowtow to the male hosts like some sorority chick at the Orange Bowl. Because one look at Maddow and you know that she never set foot in a sorority house in her life.

Christine M. Flowers, you certainly protest too much.

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