Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Ember Swift, The 7s and more



made it to Hump Day and since this past week was Thanksgiving and I

have a lot

to be thankful for, I’ve decided that this week’s round up of

female-fronted acts will be made up of readers of this column. (Or, I’m

assuming, have at least read this column once in order to find my email

address.) Without you, artists and music-aficionados alike, I am just a

girl who is constantly walking around with headphones and a computer.

For any of you who have emailed me and aren’t listed today, don’t

worry, I didn’t forget about you, nor am I any less thankful to have

you here. I just need to save some time for playing with my dogs who

are currently snorting and whining and taking every toy out of their

bin until I pay attention to them. It’s impossible for me to resist

this face.

Bubble needs play time

Sarah Melody

File Under: Pop rocking with

some soul!

From: Canada

For Fans of: Selena Gomez,

Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, American Idol,

one colored streak in your hair, tube tops, slicking your hair down, a

mixture of Robyn’s music when she first came on the scene and Natasha


Bonus: I’m not sure she knew I

would end up finding this, but I couldn’t resist posting an older video

of hers featuring Snow

of “Informer” fame (and he is also cousins with one of the guys from Barenaked Ladies). Also, true or

false: She reminds me a little bit of a brunette Busy Phillips. Oh Canadians, I love



by sarahmelodymusic

Ember Swift


Pop-jazz folk-rock in two languages!

From: Canadians are apparently

really talented. This one is currently calls China home.

For Fans of: Wow, I am not even

sure how to compare Ember to other artists! This is so tough but I’ll

say a more rock-infused Sara Storer, Ani Difranco, Meg Hutchinson, a

happier-sounding Erin McKeown, maybe Sister Hazel but with lady parts, food made with ginger, keeping

a journal by your bedside table in case you need to write something

down from a dream, organizing a unique holiday dinner (for example,

anyone who has been to a Passover sedar at someone’s house where they

make their own Haggadas).

Bonus: Not only does Ember sing

in both English and Mandarin, she’s also the founder of her own

independant label and she’s almost ready to pop with her first kid!

Listen by emberswift

The 7s


Soul-folk, singer-songwriter

From: Austin, TX

For Fans of: Melissa Ferrick’s

earlier work, Chris Pureka, Rachel Sage, guitar picking, feminist

history, dressing as Rosie the Riveter, Tank Girl or one of the Bronte

sisters for Halloween, hitting on women at coffee shops based on what

kind of notebook they are writing in, bandanas, fellow weekly artist

Ember Swift .

Bonus: You may know singer Ginger A. Thompson from her solo

work and if not, now is your time to check out her previous releases!


Grace Petrie


Folky acoustic singer-songwriter with a cute lil’


From: England

For Fans of: I’d say maybe a

mixture of Laura Marling and The Tallest Man on Earth, a more earthy

Marissa Nadler, Mariee Sioux, becoming a part of a grassroots political

campaign, taking pottery classes, having at least one accessory that

you wear every day without fail, sweet gestures, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two

Girls in Love


In some very cool news, Grace is going to be featured in

the upcoming issue of Diva

magazine as one of their top “Lesbians to look out for in 2012.”

Once A Pawn

File Under: Harder indie

rock, bluesy pop-punk

From: Omaha, Nebraska

For Fans of: The Thermals,

Green Day, Sick of Sarah, skateboarding, putting buttons on your

backpack, The Locals, raucous house parties, doodling on your shoes,

taking a date to go stargazing, Fall Out Boy, letting your bangs hang

in your face, keeping your concert festival bracelet on for as long as

possible or until it cuts off your circulation in your sleep.

Bonus: The group released an

album last month entitled In This

, and I highly suggest you check it out. Unfortunately it

wasn’t on my radar to include in my Tuesday column that week, but I’m

really digging their sound and the gender identity-themed tune “XXY” in


Last Time –

Once A Pawn
by orchidpromotion

That’s it for this week but I’ll be back with more suggestions next

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